Fashion Tips – Black and White Modification

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Do you know that the white shirt will be trendy? In fact, you can use the white roof as a painting on canvas. Now imagine that there are many beautiful paintings on it with a white t-shirt. This is more or less the same if you wear it on your body. It has many different faces with the right combination.

If you're confused about what to wear a bulin, try using white tops. Simply fit with classic blue denim or sexy mini skirt and complement with layered necklaces. Each eye focuses on its accessories, so other guests will remember that they only wear a plain white shirt.

Various wonderful blazers motifs are also very useful. They all look great when combined with a white top. You can fit the white top with a mini skirt or shorts. White color affects people's attention. This kind of look will be very fresh and cool.

It is larger than the size of the body at the top of the white, modified with a thin belt to make the look casual but still elegant. Do not forget your white shirt. Pull up your fingers and add some shiny or decorative stones. You can make the white shirt on canvas. Decorate with glittering ornamented stones and silk, your white shirt is no longer pale.

In the dry season, the weather is usually very sunny and hot. Sure, something will be good. You can easily modify the top of the white top of the container. Take a scissors and cut off your arm. To create the desired design, you can also experiment with the collar. You need a little creativity. Do not be afraid to do something new.

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