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The new shoe fashion represents a generally held position. Black and brown tones moving between camel, curry, Kenya, cognac and body di moro set the tone here. The so-called. Gray finally broke up with his comfort shoes. Dark asphalt or soft tones are the most attractive when used for suede or laminated materials. Tomorrow, a rich Barolo red, glass green, midnight, gasoline and purple – especially in shiny plum shades – will make a colorful winter statement here.

The main rule of shoe trends for the following autumn / winter is that sportiness is still a key issue, but it will turn into more stylish, well-groomed and at times more elegant styles next season. Overall, the new shoe fashion is modern, modest and confident. The sophistication is provided by clean, sometimes very puristic lines, and on the one hand incredible variety of durability, on the other hand, a mixture of natural and artificial materials and matt / shine contrasts.

Ballerinas stands for new small sets that are under the sole. The durability highlighted is renewed and offers plenty of creative options for new boots, ankle-high boots and fine laces. Even the masculine Oxfords, the so-called Dandy shoes, are returning. Smooth, clean finishes will get the same evidence as typical male styles, such as.

Real innovations come primarily from materials. The two-tone look and wrinkled skin give life to the surfaces. The patent returns to laminated pulled leather, while the glossy polished leather – some with black finish – and the nylon are excellent.

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