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What are your favorite shoes this season? Some interesting answers from women in our office!

Stiletto Shoes

Styletto easily came first. More than half of the women in office bought a pair of pen-shoes in the last month, no matter how many stilettos were in their closet. Black was the favorite color, especially the black patent. The shoes must be sexy. Stiletto shoes are long on your feet and allow long and thin look. They are the poorest of all the shoes, and they are fascinated by them when they wear them. They wear most of the clothes and give extra height, which is more than a shorter in the office for shorter ladies! Stiletti bought for various reasons, but primarily because everyone was excused to wear new shoes. They all agreed that a pair of black patented stiletto shoes could practically go into the closet virtually everything and felt that they had made a good purchase.

Fashion Shoes

Some fashion fads in the office bought the Gladiator sandals. The women are long and slim, and both thought the shoes were great fashion accessories, but they did not expect them to be too fashionable for a long time. Great for a line line or three quarters of jeans and pants, these shoes will have a lot of wear over the summer.


Another half of the ladies took a pair of sandals to add to their shoe collection. They changed funky look and summer colors. One of our juniors admitted that he could easily slip down under his desk. A definite bonus when you have to come to the attention when the boss enters! The sandal shoes remind our ladies of hot summer breaks, and with these shoes the good day is a good mood. Loose, comfortable and all kinds of trousers and skirts can be worn. A versatile addition to the cabinet.

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