Flag of Spain – Red and Yellow Beauty

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The Spanish flag (the national flag) is as colorful as

The country itself is red and yellow horizontal


The yellow bar is centered and twice as high as

all red bars and two thirds of the flag's height


A simplified version of the Spanish coat of arms

the yellow bar towards the lifting side

The Spanish coat of arms includes the royal seal.

Hercules columns representing Gibraltar and Ceuta

on both sides of the eastern end of the Gibraltar Strait.

The red banners show the motto in Latin PLUS ULTRA

means "More", which refers to the discovery of Columbus

New World.

The two columns border a shield depicting a castle.

lion crown wearing red and yellow vertical stripe chain

leaf and three fleur-de-lis ovals in the middle.

The ornate red and gold crown sits on top of the shield.

1981st December 19 Previously was an eagle

but in 1981 the eagle was removed

with the current red / yellow / red triband crowned arms

The red and gold yellow colors of the Spanish flag first

The Spanish King used it at the end of the 1700s

attempted to distinguish his ships from

other countries

The original colors of the coat of arms were

in the Castile and Aragon regions of the country, a

Regions united by King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella

There is a legend that the colors of the flag

From Spain, the bullfighting arena, the red

redefines blood flow and yellow sand

the arena! However, this is just a legend and is not based

about historical facts

Promise to the Spanish flag "Jura de

Bandera, "Flag of the Flag"

Spain for 17 Different Regions or Autonomous

has its own communities and communities

regional flag

The Spanish red-yellow national flag however

Recognized in all Spanish regions

Now that you know everything about the Spanish flag, why not come

is here and watches a blow in the heat

Spanish breeze?

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