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Winter is a spectacular year of the year. From dog-tobogganing to snowshoeing, cross-country skiing, snowmobile or forest campsite, this is the time when you can experience the white, quiet, calm world. However, before planning a hiking or sporting activity in winter, you must be prepared to face the hail of this hailing weather. Winter activities can be dangerous and this will exacerbate weather conditions. If you are not prepared for the dangers of the appropriate type of winter equipment, there may be a risk of freezing and hypothermia, the most common threats to health from winter activities.

So for the outdoor adventurer it is essential that we know the finer points of winter fishing gear. For example, winter shoes. Backpackers, fishermen or campers who are under ice, snow and water can enjoy the sport without fear of a toothed toe if they have the right footsteps in the winter. Depending on the type of activity you are doing and the temperature you expect depends on the type of body you choose. This also depends on the context in which you meet, for example. Wet, snowy or iced? For example, various ski boots are recommended for cross-country skiing and snowshoeing.

For the former you will need a boot that supports the ankle. There may be a skis above the skis to add to the insulation above the ski boot. Snowshoeing or hiking in the snow, regular backpack boots is not good enough. They simply can not provide the necessary aerial air. Boots have many options. Of these, the following include: – Generally "Mickey Mouse" or M & M boots, they were originally used in the Korean War. Designed to provide an impenetrable shield against water and extreme cold. A woolen interior and several layers of rubber can be used as insulation. Their most varied features are their huge size and their pure white color. Boots can stop freezing at temperatures of -20 ° C or -30 ° Fahrenheit (-29-34 degrees Celsius); a thin layer of air trapped between two layers of rubber works like a strong insulator. They are now available in black, with a pressure reducing valve, special moisture linings and a rating of -51 degrees Celsius. You can buy them thorough Army Surplus Stores, which is a priority over modern specimens.

Climbing Boots – Plastic Climbing Climbing Boots [] have wool or insole-resistant inner boots. They are very warm and easy to use with skis, cramps and showshoes. Mukluks – Mukluks is a kind of footwear [] originally designed by the Athabaskans and the Eskimos to keep their feet warm and dry in winter. These are a pair of moccasins that come to their knees and are coated with felt and wool lining. In any case, since they are not waterproof, they are most appropriate in the dry, cold winter environment. Easy to use with snowshoes and special cross-country ski trails, as well as articulated ramps.

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