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When he was a kid, there were at least two pairs of shoes. One of the pairs was "good," which your mom called "dress shoes," while the other pair was the everyday shoe that was most athletic. These shoes specifically designed for sporting activities are the common name of "athletic shoes", a still running basketball and tennis boot category. Originally introduced as part of sportswear, the athletic shoes are now worn as part of an occasional look. Walking on the beach or walking for outdoor games is an example of the examples that people wear for all ages. But how did this begin, and why is it making more and more different athletic shoes?

Much more than supply and demand curves, but all this is reduced. Modern shoes start in different sports shoes. One of the ancestors is the late-1800's expensive British overcoat footwear used by lawnmowers, cricket, croquettes and the beach. While at the turn of the 22nd century, football and baseball players made essentially the same shoe type as before, with the leather upper, leather sole and straps, and the demand for footwear provided good adhesion to the ground. which led to a number of lightweight shoes. Special shoes that allow runners to move and lead to positive results such as speeding up and then creating their competitiveness. Thus, as the need for increased speed has increased, the athletic shoes are number and styles. Refining and repairing shoes ", sportswear companies set up a subcategory of sportswear, the shoe industry now worth billions. The demand for shoes appeared when athletes stunned the game and scientists found new ways to accelerate human barriers and

The dictionary defines athletic shoes or shoes as "sports shoes that are generally made of canvas and have a soft rubber sole, so-called tennis shoes." To date, the tops are made of leather, nylon, linen, plastic or their and the lower surface of the shoe contains any type of natural or synthetic rubber band, the tennis shoes do not conform to other types of sporting footwear. Of course, the expression "tennis boots" is a general term for athletic shoes, but this should not be give everyone the impression that all sports shoes are wearing the same or in a mutually interchangeable way, regardless of whether the game / sport is playing. For example, a shoe running on a tennis court has a broken or broken ankle that waits. Running shoes are thick with a soft heel to maximize padding on straight forward, heel-to-foot feet. Tennis is about sudden departures and stops and moves quickly from the other side. The problem is that when an extreme stopping, cornering or rotating motion is over, if the outer foot of the shoe is too rigid, the tennis player loses contact with the playing surface, resulting in loss of legs. In addition, because runners generally do not move sharply sideways, while "running" the running shoe sole is completely unsuitable for lateral movements made by a tennis player.

From Keds, the first tennis shoes in 1917, today's extraordinary designs and expensive advertising budgets, shoes continue to plan shoes to adopt different types and shapes of feet. Adding this equation is a stylish version of the styles, the output speaks for itself. We always have the possibility that our feet will be comfortable while playing a friendly match.

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