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A truly strolling stroller is a three-wheeled stroller designed specifically for running. Many other strollers are three-wheeled but not exclusively for running. They are known as "SUVs" and are for everyday use. Off-road vehicles often have a pivoting front wheel that can rotate in crowded areas. The rotation has a locking function that allows the wheel to be locked in a pre-fixed position for straight running and tracking. These models typically have thicker, heavier, off-road tires and stronger shock absorption systems that allow the rough surfaces and bumpy sidewalks to roll.

Strollers with small wheels and umbrella-style strollers are not running. They are better suited for walking, shopping malls and everyday life.

The following design features distinguish them from standard strollers:

1. Aluminum frame for strength and durability
2. Fixed front wheel for straight track.
3. 16 "or 20" wheels for easy sliding and smooth sliding
4. Shock absorbers and suspension systems for smooth travel
5. Sling style seats for weight reduction
6. Five point harness for for child safety
7. Fully extendable sun visor for sun protection


Large wheels (16 "- 20") are suitable for running, jogging or rough rough surfaces. Smaller wheels (12 ") are not suitable for jogging. Fixed front wheels are the best choice for serious runners, but the rotating wheels that lock are also acceptable for lighter conveyors.


to have a baby carriage of light color that does not absorb and does not trap hot days, because babies can overheat quickly, so it is important to keep the inside of the stroller cool

The stroller seat should provide a suitable backrest for toddlers , and must be in the plane position of infants and babies, and each seat should be well cushioned and have a 5-point strap to secure the child

The Bob Ironman, the Ba by Jogger Performance and Chariot CX are the most popular high-end brands, and Pacific Cycle is the stroller for the Schwinn line.

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