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Volleyball is one of the sports that anyone can play. People under the age of 10 learn sports and many elderly people are involved in sports. Whether you're a girl, a boy, a woman or a man, there's a place on the volleyball court. The girls volleyball is incredibly popular in the world and for good reason. Volleyball is really fun, and everyone who played it knows that. Girls are volleyball with very competitive, state, national, international and Olympic teams. The difference between girls and boys volleyball is the net height.

Volleyball girls use nets that are somewhat lower because girls' average height is smaller than boys. At a full height, the net difference is only a few cm, so it is just as challenging that boys and girls get the ball through the net. In addition, the volleyball played is the same, although girls tend to be less aggressive. However, this does not mean that the games are not serious because they! Even in junior games, it is worth watching the volleyball.

It should be noted that volleyball is not very mixed sex. Interestingly, a girl can play in a boy's team, but not the other way around. Of course, there is an age limit that must be observed and this only happens if the team is low on the players. You would never see this fully in the volleyball professional game. If you are looking for a sport that is fun (and you are a girl), look seriously at the volleyball game; you will have an explosion.

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