Glee Halloween Costume Ideas for Gleek in You

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Not everyone wants to dress up with muscle-bound superhero Halloween costumes this year. There are some who are talented and the better way to express this Halloween than a perfect Halloween costume from Glee!

Glee has to be the most popular TV show today, and has not lost popularity since the 2009 premiere of the American comedy drama series. There are plenty of costumes for Glee fans, and all your favorite Glee characters are very simple for dresses like this Halloween.

You can be a diva, a coach, a teacher, a cheerleader, or a football player. Glee's most prominent player is, of course, Sue Sylvester, Rachel Berry and Mr. Schuester.


A glee of Glee is very simple. All you have to do is make the color theme red and white. Some official rowing t-shirts are wearing uniforms with WMHS, or you can choose any sweater uniform in the local store if they are mostly red and white. For a full Glee look, pacify your cheerleading costume with a pair of white shoes and pom poms.

He sweeps a lot of lip gloss, pulls his hair in a tall pony tail and grabs a rubber in his mouth. Get the snobby attitude to be the perfect cheerio role!


After and After The Glee Halloween costume, pairing the match with the footballer is the perfect answer. Again, this is a simple appearance for creation. Pick up your hands for a pair of red shirts or coats, which are famous for their "M & # 39; badges." The official conqueror is also licensed, the most prominent football player in Glee is Noah's "Puck." Mohawk's hairstyle is a trademark. that you are in Puck, you are playing a Mohawk wig or, if you are driving enough, shave your hair to resemble Puck. You like it as a coach with you, and you are in touch with your character, go ahead and have fun. Leave your hair and make sense. Everyone will recognize you as coach Sue if you wear a blue or red sweater – preferably Adidas. Do not worry if you do not have it, you can always paint two white streaks on your pants and fingers.The team wearing a whistle on your neck carries a megaphone and wearing a short blond wig Make sure you absorb a insults and sarcastic remarks, and everyone joins for fun.

Mr. Schuester

Mr. Schuester's dress is a classical teacher package. All you have to do is sit in the wardrobe. For the rebuilding of Mr Schuester you will need a mushroom shirt, a tie, a pair of dark trousers, a suitcase with plenty of chaos and a school bag with a school paper on his shoulders.

Rachel Berry

Rachel Berry's look is so high in school. Extremely conservative, it is thought that traditional high school girls are on their uniforms, long knees, handkerchiefs, suits, or blouses, and an old cardigan on a large canopy cabinet.

Take your hair with irons and sport a hairpin or haircut. Oh, and you pretend to be insecure and intuitive and finish the ultimate Rachel Berry look. Since Glee's musical comedy drama, why not carry a microphone and pop into popular Glee songs during the night?

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