Golf – The game etiquette is still dressing – Special comment on golf clothing

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Golf game for gentlemen and gentle women. The game is not only a pleasure but a dignity for the person who plays. This everlasting glory game, in which all organic part of the game contains rules, follows a certain etiquette. Even the dressing up of the game itself is a very traditional etiquette, although the dress itself is not so formal. If you are new to golf and looking for what golf clothing to wear, you have to read it before buying for them. If not, it is most likely to hold back to the golf club.

For men it has always been mandatory to wear long khaki trousers in the cooler seasons and cotton half pants in the warmer season. As the game includes small toy tools such as golf t-shirts, divot fixers and golf tickets, pants and half pants are always worn with multiple pockets. Weaving tracks are strict NO! The trousers or the pants must have a belt and fasten with a leather strap. Ladies are entitled to golf skirts or semi-trousers suits.

Wearing collar shirts or polo shirts has become a lawless world of golf. This is a strict code, just wear this kind of top but recently, turtle neck is allowed by some golf clubs. We wear a simple four or five button shirt and, most importantly, wearing jeans is outrageous to the etiquette.

Conservative golf clothes are made of simple pair of saddle shoes, and all kinds of spikes are generally not acceptable. But recently, soft spiky shoes have begun to replace conservatives. The color of the sock must definitely match the pants or pants you wear. Other accessories include a hat that protects your head and face from the sun in the summer, men and vests for women; and a simple raincoat under the monsoon. Wearing simple sweaters during the winter is going well within the codes.

What we learned is obvious that golf is perfect for professional people and is actually the game of white collars and rich people.

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