Graffiti shoes as fashion statements

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An interesting way of graffiti shoes is a fashion show. The graffiti shoes are almost always sneakers. Most shoe manufacturers are ready for the models, but if you want to have a full-featured look, you can paint your own label. For inspiration, check out some commercial products on the Internet to understand the possibilities.

The first step is to decide which plan to use. Then decide whether both shoes are mostly the same. Your design suggests the technique you will use to paint your shoes. Options include stencil and spray paint, permanent markings and skin or tissue dye. Do not try to use oil paint or regular acrylic paint; they will not stand up. If you plan on freehand design on all shoes, first on paper. After the paint is on the shoe, it's hard to land. If you are using a template, first create a practical template and test it on a curved surface to see how it will look on the shoes. If you are happy with your plan, go ahead and start your shoes. Please keep in mind that your shoes should be dry between paint applications to prevent accidental blurring of the design.

The first thing you need to do for your target shoes is to prepare the surface. This is probably the most important step in the process if you want your graffiti shoes to be successful. If you are using canvas shoes, send them through the washing machine to remove all sizes from the fabric.

If you want to paint leather shoes, you need to remove the wax if you want the paint to stick. Acetone is a good solvent for preparing the skin surface. Be sure to wear thick rubber gloves to protect your hands from acetone. Clean the skin surface with a soft cloth saturated with cotton ball or acetone until the wax disappears and the surface is matt.

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