Health tips for buying golf shoes

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As someone who really likes to write about health, I recently asked when a friend asked me how to choose a pair of golf shoes, which is the best for my health.

I didn't think much about it, but a little research shows it's worth investigating.

According to the American Academy of Orthopedic Physicians, 43 million Americans suffer from leg-related health issues each year, costing $ 3.5 billion in treatment and lost working days.

The average golfer spends 4-6 hours on the golf course every time he plays, typically on a hilly terrain. Proper foot comfort is essential during this period, as there are many opportunities for feet, ankles and hind legs to damage badly fitting shoes, especially for older players.

Finally, safe and protective shoes also reflect the game. The experts stated that the golf game starts from the foot. Jack Nicklaus said, "Timing, distance, and direction come from the lower body with the feet on the road."

The selection of golf courses has become more difficult over time. 15 years ago we were mainly limited to "traditional" models (brogues or similar). Nowadays there are all kinds of variations, from boots to sandals.

How do you know which golf shoes will be right for you and the best for your feet, back and swing?

Here are some tips for getting healthier golf shoes:

Take the time to try out new golf courses. Leave time to walk in the pro store. Don't be embarrassed to spend 5 minutes or more feeling a pair of shoes.

Some people advise you to take a 20-minute walk when your feet are fully enlarged. Of course it is better to buy in the afternoon than in the morning, therefore.

Wear shoes of the same thickness as a golf course when trying the shoe. Failure to do so may result in shoes that are more severe than normal or looser, which can cause blisters or sore feet.

Try both shoes while wearing a golf sock. Fully lace and walk for comfort.

If you have an ankle problem, you might want to try the new top models that provide multiple ankle support. Remember, however, that you should be able to turn your shoes around the ankle. So it must be ensured that such shoes do not hinder movement.

Do you have a foot that is significantly larger than the other? He was able to look at a number of High-Tec shoes designed for this purpose. With these models, each shoe can fit the shape of each leg.

Do they wear orthoses in their regular shoes? Don't forget to hand them over to your golf shoes if the podiatrist suggested it.

Finally, if a golf course leaves with painful feet, first evaluate the fit of your shoes. Think of a more supportive, more stable shoe. If the pain persists and you are in more than 3 consecutive rounds, consider visiting a podiatric sports doctor.

The right golf shoes should allow you to stay comfortable in the circle and help concentrate on the game. If you can go through several rounds without noticing your leg, it will do the job of the shoe.

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