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Do you need some songs at a party or just dancing? Here is my list of the best hip-hop dance music …

Gold Digger, Kanye West

Turn It Up Chamillionaire

Bubber Band Man a TI

30 Something Jay- Z by

Ms. Jackson by Outkast

Get Low by Ying Yang twins

Lean Back by Fat Joe

Yes, Usher

Get the DMX on the floor

Leaking with black-eyed peas

Blunt Ashes by Nas

Jesus Walks Kanye West

Go Getta Young Jeezy

Over Here Hustlin by Lil & Wayne

Salt Shaker Ying Yang twins

best hip-hop dance music? The video? Something that conflicts in a club? Undoubtedly, the list is similar to my personal preferences: I like the more advanced lyrical things behind a strong driving blow that goes towards Outkast, Nas, Eminem and early Kanye West like Ying Yang Twins or Young Jeezy traces. . I've also added some songs to the list.

I also tried to leave most underground rap / hip hop songs to get as close as possible. Most, if not all, of these songs can be played in clubs or appear on MTV as a rap video. Of course, I could play Dead Prez or Ras Kass, but most people at a party – at least those I get – wouldn't know who they were. It is strange, no matter how hot a song is, that you usually get a better reaction if people know the music and can sing with it. Guess that's why there are a lot of bars in the bars … Finally, in recent years, I've recorded more songs and not just the list of "what's hot now". Anyone who thinks that GoldDigger doesn't get a good response in a party is missing the point (unless it's a wedding).

To learn more about good hip-hop dance music, check out Pandora, a free radio service that plays music according to the genre you choose. you can always delete songs that you do not like and save the music you think works well for your party.

So this is my list. What songs will you be on the hip-hop dance list?

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