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In recent years, fashion trends in hiphop clothing have grown from underground street culture to mainstream fashion. Urban dresses are today proudly presented at the highest fashion shows in Milan, Italy, Paris and New York. Only ten years ago such terribly watchful and urban clothes have never seen the light at these shows, but they are now proud of them. So what is this emerging trend and which consumers are driving the growth of this fashion niche?

The answer lies in the development of hiphop history and the mainstream of music and fashion culture. Hip hop hoped that some skateboarders and songwriters would become the dominant music culture of today's young generation. As more and more people listened to hip hop and urban music, the fashion styles and dresses that these young people wore began to mirror the music and artists they listened to. While most people do not remember this, Adidas shoes, which were first accepted by urban music, were originally popular with the hip-hop legend Run DMC. Then came the bling bling jewel and the thin pants, then the back hats and the big chains.

The trend is moving forward when the famous rapper LL Cool J signed to promote the FUBU clothing line. FUBU stands for "For Us By Us" and was the first urban clothing line to hit the mainstream world. After the FUBU came to the Phat Farm, which was a trendy line that was launched by Def Jam President Russell Simmons – a hip hop mogul. This line was wildly successful and enjoyed the promotion and patronage of many great rappers. After these lines have gotten steam and have been successful, many rappers have begun to catch the idea of ​​starting their own line and starting to do so. Jay Z came out with Rocawear, a highly successful line that was historically sold for hundreds of millions of dollars. Other rappers followed, though not all were successful. 50 Cent has introduced the G Unit clothing line and has received a great deal of recognition, and even started with Reebok as the most recognized shoe line.

Over the years, urban dresses have created many smaller and more unique lines. There are now hundreds of hip-hop dresses, as shown in the latest Las Vegas Magic Fashion Show. There are many artistic trends, eg. T-shirts with hand-painted pictures and drawings, female and female lines, hats and even hip-hop jewelry mimicking bling-bling styles of hip-hop artists.

Overall, hip-hop styles have emerged since the introduction of the first urban transmission brand. Now they fall into the mainstream of clothing and fashion and creativity and design give new space. The hip-hop costumes remain here, and now they are in the fashion industry as a whole.

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