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I wrote a previous article that simply refers to "The Anatomy of a Logo", which I write in the second part of the previous article. The anatomy of the logo dealt with the historical chain of events, but I used a different approach to this article. The history of the logo is informative, such as the inspiration behind some of the harvesting logo of history, I hope you will enjoy it. They have inspired different and often strange situations and have led to the creation of the world's most famous logos. One of the things with which these famous logos are common is that they do different and special efforts. The logos changed, but most of them were evolutionary than suddenly. Over the years, the changed logos show that it is simplistic and "narrower" than previous versions – perhaps reflecting a change in the changing (and faster) lifestyle. For example, the Michelin man – the Michelin French tire company's logo (cum mask) creates a kind of emotion to the company with a human trait.

Did you know that Nike swoosh was billed as a cum freelancer at Nike Caroline for only $ 35! At the turn of the century, 3M was worried more about survival than with a logo. The young abrasive company was comfortable in its description … "Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing Company". The first logo was ticked in 1906 with the current logo, which was recently designed in 1978. The blue and white parts of the circle are on the BMW emblem that we see in your car. Their origins date back to World War I when warplanes were equipped with blue and white paint by pilots, so the pilots could see them. This inspired the design we see on BMW cars. After Adolf (Adi) Dasler's founder, the Adidas logo consists of three parts. The three are supposed to represent three sons!

The well-known American company, Apple is the first computer company that does not use its name as its corporate identity. The idea that a computer is sold with the name and image of a fruit has been formulated by Steve Jobs and his dormitory in California (even the term "Macintosh" is the name of a apple variety). The motif of a diverse apple, from which a snack was taken, refers to the Biblical story of Adam and Eve, in which the apple is the fruit of Knowledge Tree. Using the Global Symbol AT & T symbolizes the world around electronic communication. Specifically, the symbol consists of very carefully selected "highlight" and "shadow" elements. As a result, the symbol can be reproduced to give the impression of a three dimensional sphere illuminated from a distant source. The Coca-Cola script was designed by an amateur Frank Robinson, a rookie accountant. He wrote both the Spencer script and the brilliantly concise words: "Fine and delicious".

Glass is one of the most recognizable icons in the world, a design that represents American youthful prosperity. Over the decades, numerous variations have emerged, but the durable classic is designed by Roer Glass Company, Terre Haute (Indiana), and launched in 1915. Coca-Cola dispenser was later designed by Raymond Loewy. The McDonald's Golden Arches logo was introduced in 1962. Jim Schindler has created new curved shapes on the side of restaurants. Linked to the two golden stars that the famous "M & # 39; s now recognized in the world. Schindler's work is a stylized logo by Fred Turner, which is styled as a more stylish corporate symbol than the previously used accelerated chef character The name of McDonald's was added to the logo in 1968. The visual simplicity of the Sony logo is a key to design, easy to understand and pronounce, the name is readable and readily recognizable in all languages, the name comes from the Latin or "sound." The design of the logo has only changed to a minimum since 1957 when the characters were lighter and the word itself expanded, as the version shown here dates back to 1973

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