Hong Kong Holiday Guide

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first day

This guide goes to Hong Kong in July 2007. In the afternoon I arrived at the airport and my first goal was the Causeway Bay Times Square shopping mall, a mega mall where hundreds of shops can be found in retail therapy. All I had to do with my stomach was to enter an elegant Japanese restaurant for my first meal. It is dark with red light and decoration, soothing feeling and offering decent fusion dishes at a great price. I was smoked salmon pizza before I went to the shops.

In the evening I decided to go to The Peak. You can not say I was in Hong Kong if you did not go to the top. I took the peak traffic to the summit, and the tramway was very, very steep up. However, the tram has never been an accident in the service years (since 1888), and this is really a reassuring idea during the journey.

Views at the top of the peak are awesome. You can see the outline of the island and face it on Kowloon land. This is the best place in Hong Kong for a good look, with the neon lights with their colorful tops. The Peak has many restaurants where everyone can choose from Chinese to Japanese, Indian and Western cuisine. Some restaurants even have stunning views of their location. The peak provides a pleasant environment and enough activity for one to spend a pleasant night at one of Hongkong's highest points.

Day 2

The second day starts with a hearty breakfast in front of the hotel, (Hong Kong Restaurant). Their menu is certainly overwhelmed with the choices. If you choose more than 100 foods, you will not be waiting for the try.

After breakfast, sightseeing from Jordan to Tsim Sha Tsui (TST). I took some things along the way while trying to avoid the water from the building ducts. This is the only thing I do not like about Hong Kong. You really need to be in the lookout and be vigilant to avoid dripping water. I did this by looking out the water along the pavement. But sometimes it can be tiring.

Shopping on Sundays in shopping malls means practically everywhere masses. For those who want to bring Tsim Sha Tsui to their children to Teddy Bear Kingdom, the place has been closed and only a small bear exhibition is available on the top floor.

In the afternoon I left the MTR to Mong Kokba and headed straight to the ladies. Near Street and Sportswear Street. I tried the famous desserts at the Hui Lau Shan dessert shop before the train came back to Tsim Sha Tsui in the cockpit at Avenue of Stars. Personally, I feel that the laser show is overpriced, but the night vision of the harbor front is not necessarily necessary. It's simply romantic.

Day 3

The beginning of Day 3 began on the Lantau Island Tian Tan Buddha Road. I bought the MTR to Tung Chung Station before I was switched to Bus No. 23 in Ngong Ping. The recently launched elevator service was suspended due to a downhill car accident in maintenance. This is pity, as the gondola's prospect is great. The bus journey took about 45 minutes and visited the foot of the long stairs where the Hugh Buddha stands. This place is crowded on weekends, and this is the largest outdoor Buddha you can find anywhere (so tell your website).

Tung Chung MTR is next to the City Gates shopping mall. In the house there are Nike, Adidas, Timberland, Esprit, Columbia, Body Shop stores, all offering great discounts. There was something before shopping before I called for a day, and I was holding it to Disneyland. Most fortifications, at Disneyland's entrance, have an itemized deposit counter where visitors can load heavy bags and luggage before entering the amusement park.

Disneyland in Hong Kong is divided into Fantasyland, Pirateland, Tomorrowland and Main Street, United States of America. Exciting tours fill up adrenaline levels and street fun where anything can happen. Do not be surprised if your eyes suddenly talk or a musical extravagance is suddenly taking place on the street. There are plenty of charming shops and restaurants in the resort so anyone can easily spend an entire day here.

The best part is to witness the night sky at 21 o'clock with dazzling pyrotechnics. Amazing fireworks explode into the chords of the classic Disney music choreographer. This is a terrific screen that should not be missed.

Day 4

Day 4 is HK Island tour. From the middle to the admiralty, finally I went to Wan Chai. I went on a long journey to find the famous dim sum restaurant in Central, Maxim's Place City Hall. But that's worth it. We still have incomplete sums in the traditional trolley and we stamp the card with stamps. And I thought I just saw this happening on TV.

Located in Wan Chai, is the modern Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center, Bauhinia Square. This is one of Victoria Harbor's most important landmarks, where in 1997 Hong Kong's major transfer to China took place.

At the start I was still looking for a pork burger, which was so delicious, but I had to wait until I visit the town again.

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