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You know you're going to print your shirt. You own the equipment or you know a printer that gives you a good price. What you need is a design that will sell you.

The first thing you can do is research, the shirt shirt. Shirts for retail sale represent T-shirts that cover everything. Retail trade has a marginal profit margin, there is little risk.

There are usually some classic categories that are almost always sold well. Provide local pride for you or the local community. This is a kind of reliable seller. As such a cute design and male design as rock coverings. The license is even more certain that the commercial promotion of the cartoon or the TV show will offer a polo shirt.

Following are niche markets. The alternative band, Misfits, is a very reliable sales plan that is the logo. Beer consumption and marijuana smoking will sell popular counter-culture themes and tees. Funny or bitchy ideas on T-shirts sell t-shirt

It's good to go to the niche markets. If you are a Christian, Christian-themed tees can simply be better – that's something you know. No matter who you are, you are a subculture. If you love dogs, it's a subculture. If you are an atheist or republican or democratic, then all the markets that sell T-shirts.

It is very likely that they do not have the money to buy a commercial license. If you need a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle or Disney Snow White license, you would be less willing to read this article.

So what are you doing? Find a vacuum, an idea that it should exist, but not – just a matter of time before someone else does it. That's what you want to design around it.

There's a guy who made millions of people out of a scandal and a strange thing. Anyone would have liked to think about thinking and tracking.

Now that you're investing, you can not afford to take a big chance. But it's still innovative. Keep in mind that the popular themes are T-shirts: civic pride, cute, masculine, commercial, and counting culture. If you can work on such a theme and bring a funny screw, you can sell your shirt.

Yes, the idea is more important than execution. The challenge of design is that you only know it's good if you like it, but just because you love it does not mean anyone else. So you have to create more ideas for the tees, pull them out and test them on humans. They will tell you which ones are good, you will surely know if you are planning a design that you want so much.

So, I'm a graphic artist. The strong enough idea also sells a badly designed T-shirt, but a well-designed T-shirt will sell more with the same idea.

So let's say, for the reasoning, you artist or decided to create a snow white plan, but not the Disney version – the version you find in an erotic dance club, the nominal "snow white" – perhaps the "snow" street interpretation and it is a drug habit. It takes a classic theme and counts a culture twist. It can be sold to hips for boys and girls. After all, "Snow White" is a common tale, not Disney's owner.

This is so close to explaining the commercial creative process. Buy something that is popular and do something else. Such concepts can reach massive masses and create a lot of money. A designer was very wealthy to sell shirts on pictures with cute dogs, but in the distorted style he pulled the tradition of Japanese animation. Cute dogs are always popular, and this designer just has a little twist on the subject.

Now if you are not an artist, you can do the design with a photo of a model that is an erotic dancer snow white. Just keep in mind the state norms – of course. Want to sell a lot of shirts, do not limit the circle to adult bookstores.

So when the photo or the drawing goes through the shirt, you just go anywhere? Is the picture rectangle or paper on it – is part of the design? Design goes with any color shirt

All questions have thumb rules.

First of all, get rid of the rectangles. The rectangle represents the media on which the image is turned on, paper. If the picture is on a T-shirt, the T-shirt is the medium whose image is turned on. The picture looks almost always like a t-shirt as a border or something that does not struggle with the liquid shape of the shirt – perhaps a circle. Certain patterns work well on the rectangles printed on top, so that's the rule.

Where should the plan be placed? Planning has to fill as many spaces as possible – usually. The left chest and middle chest designs, of course, have to be small, but the bigger ones are better. Designs do not have to be in the front and center, but the front and center are always safe if not at the front and center – looking left or right on the shoulder. Design should normally be close to the center or top of the shirt, but there are always exceptions.

If design is wearing a colored shirt or a white shirt? It is usually cheaper and easier to print a white shirt. But colorful t-shirts are very popular and people pay a separate one. The color of the subject can not be arbitrary if possible. This is the difference between a general shirt and a designed piece of clothing – a designed piece of clothing, the shirt itself is part of the design. People know this, just not consciously. If you use the t-shirt as a design element – the ocean is the shirt blue, the red sunset is the shirt red, the black line is the shirt black, and so on. design and overall effect suggest the high quality of the shirt, especially for shirts that do not take this into consideration.

There are also color theories. The blue design is harmonious in a green shirt, loud orange shirt and is pleasantly contrasting with a warm yellow shirt. That way, one design will have three different shapes, depending on what t-shirt you wear. The shirt itself is part of the design. Do not forget that warm colors (red, orange, yellow) are "energetic" and cool colors (blue, green, and purple) are usually relaxed.

A white shirt with collar and fingers works great. Look at the band's colors in design, and the design really looks like it's specifically meant for that shirt. These shirts can easily be printed too white.

Do you buy a tri-color shirt and print it out? It has been proven that too many choices paralyze decision-making, so you can not risk much in limiting customer choice. From a practical point of view, it is probably easier to buy the bulk of the single color of the shirt. So choose a color that best suits your design.

It's not a safe thing for the T-shirt shop. But people always want t-shirts to express something that allows them to feel less than everyone else. So your research, find out what the sales are and a bit different that can capture the same market. And good luck!

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