How MBT shoes work

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MBT shoes are not as fancy or beautiful as Nike shoes or Adidas shoes. Some say it's the worst shoe since UGG. And many people ask the question again and again: MBT is the Masai barefoot technology, the Swiss Masai tool.

Obviously, MBT Sandals, Casual Shoes and Boots all have a common thing: the Moon Cushion

The uniquely designed, multi-layered, sandwich cup sole designed to simulate a sandy walk. This is very similar to the natural pedestrian environment of Masai in Kenya. The term Masai refers to the Kenyan Mazaraian people, a member of a Nilotic people who were previously referred to as warriors, mainly in Kenya and Tanzania.

From the origins of the name, we can easily get the logical connection between African humans and mascara barefoot technology

Massage people walking, running and barefoot hunting on natural, uneven ground, very agile.Karl Müller is the founder of MBT after serious observation, then he realized that human legs are simply not based on the hard and flat modern foundations that are very different from the natural environment that the Masai people (or other potential people) live in.

So in 1996, Karl designed and invented MBT technology. MBT technology can be imitated on soft, uneven terrain. The results were dramatic and revolutionary.

  • The designers of the shoes believe that When the body is unstable, the body is stronger which becomes the main design principle.

    With the satin foot when walking in MBT, the soil is no longer flat and stable. The body needs more muscle to compensate and to create stability. This is very similar to the situation of the Masai people. Activates the whole body, increases muscle activity, improves posture, tightens the buttocks and thighs, reducing the stress of the ankle, knee and hip joints. It moves this step into a more fluid and fluid movement, rather than suddenly causing shock and impact that unreasonably affect the body from the legs to the neck.

    The main advantages of MBT shoes can be summarized as follows: [19659002] * Activates neglected muscles

    * Improve posture and walking

    * Enhance and shape the body

    * Help with back, hip, leg and leg problems

    * Assistance in joint, muscular, tendon and tendon injuries

    * Reduce stress on knee and hip joints

    MBT shoes are not designed for fashion, but for healthier work. Tensions that are outweighed by plans include spinal and leg pain, and pain that can be felt by the muscles, joints and bands.

    We sold shoes for 5 or more years to customers around the world. try them after they realize the real benefits of the shoes. And we're happy to help improve the walking and running of more people.

  • What should I do for my MBT shoe?
  • There are many things on MBT shoes.

    The first thing is not to wear MBT on a natural, uneven ground. You are not Masai people and MBT shoes in such situations

    Second, you have to enter them 3-4 miles a day. But that's just a suggestion and it's quite self-explanatory.

    Third, you have to take some time to get used to them. Usually 30 minutes. Do not give it up before that.

    You have to note that you are walking a mile MBT S is equivalent to a two mile walk in standard walking shoes.

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