How to be a more effective leader?

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Remember for yourself that you have not achieved great success. There are those who work with you and under you.

Achieving a high level of success requires the support and cooperation of others. Getting this support and the co-operation of others requires leadership.

The success and the ability to lead others, that is, to do things they can not do if they do not lead by hand and hand.

At this point, we want to master 4 special management rules or principals that may cause others to work with us in the executive suite, business, social clubs, home, wherever we find people.

Code of Conduct No. 1:


The mind of commerce is a magic way for people who are influenced by others to be friends, staff, and clients as you want them to act.

Consider the position of another person. Let's put up their shoes for themselves, I mean. You have to understand that your interests, income, intelligence and background are significantly different from yours.

Management Code No. 2:


People use different approaches to leadership situations. One approach is the position of a dictator. Dictators make every decision without consulting the people involved. She refuses to listen to her subordinates on one side of the question because she is deep in the terms and conditions, fearing the subordinate is right and losing her face.


The second driving technique is a cold, mechanical, rule book management approach. With this approach you handle everything exactly according to the book. You do not realize that any rule or policy or plan is just a standard case guide. This is the leading edge in people mocking. And people who do not like it are treated like a machine.

People who rise to enormous driving heights use a third approach that is called "Being a Man"


Leadership Rule No. 3:


One of the most popular things anyone can say about himself is "For Progress".

For individuals who believe and advance, leaders, real leaders are defective, starring (everything is fine with the apple basket) is progressive (there are plenty of room for improvement, go to work and make better people. )

Join the Leadership Elite, Develop Outlook

. it takes on the leadership of a group, the people in that group adapt to the norms you have set for the first few weeks, their great interest is to keep track of them, reset them, let's know what to expect from them, watch every move, think how many ropes will you give me? you want her ready? Why should she like her? What are you gonna say if I do this? If they know, they will act accordingly.

For a while, subordinates are prone to carbon dioxide copies of their leader. The easiest way to get the highest level of access is to ensure that the master copy is repeated.

Management Code Number 4:


Usually, we imagine exceptionally busy people for leaders. And them. Leadership needs the thickness of things. But while being ignored, he notes that leaders alone, in their own right, spend alone, but only their own thinking devices. Check out the lives of great religious leaders and find them all for a reasonable time. Political leaders who have established lasting names in good or bad history have gained solitude.

The point is that a successful person takes time in every area to talk to himself. Leaders are solely using the problems, working out solutions, designing and in a sentence to think about superstitions.

Many people can not perceive their creative leadership because they are related to everyone and everything else. You know this man. He is the one who goes a long way to not be alone. He moves to the extremes to surround the people. He can not stand alone in his office, so he tries to see others. He rarely spends the evenings alone. He feels senseless to speak to each other at every waking moment. He consumes a huge appetite for small conversation and gossip.

When this person is forced by circumstances to be physically alone, he finds a way to live not only spiritually. In times like these televisions, newspapers, radios or phones, something like that takes over its thinking process. This person is afraid of occupying his own thoughts. They keep their minds. This kind of person was psychologically afraid of his own thoughts. And over time, Mr. can not stand alone to grow growing shallow. She carries a lot of careless gestures.

It does not improve the strength of the goal, personal stability. Unfortunately, the superpower that was not used behind the forehead was lost.

Do not be Mr. I can not stand alone. Successful executives experience the superpower alone. You know.


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