How to Choose a Suit Collar

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Although sometimes it seems that the collar is not a very important part of a tailored shirt, the fact is the case is that a collar can break a shirt. The collar is not just part of the shirt; helps in building your face. If the collar is bad, you can drastically change its appearance from what you want.

Types of Collars

Straight Collar – The straight collar is the simplest type of collar you can find in a tailor dress shirt. It is diagonally beneath its chin and there are about 2 to 3 inches gap between the gaps. For the average person, this is up to their body and is OK. Scattering is small enough not to wear a tie.

Collar Collar – The collar is wider than the collar on the straight collar. Anything more than 3 inches is a bulky collar: the spread is approx. Up to 6 inches. Generally speaking, men with wider or more rounded faces must avoid widespread collars, as this increases the width or roundness of the face.

Buttoned Collar

As its name indicates, a button collar is a collar that buttons to the shirt. The range may vary, just as with non-buttoned collars. Usually, it is less formal. For more formal occasions, non-collar collar and collar studies would be more appropriate.

Tab Collar

Collar is very narrow. He gets his name because there is an ear behind the tie that serves to put the collars behind the tie knot. This results in the tie being pulled out and the tie should be a bit more prominent than the other collars. Slim men, long-necked men, and broad-faced men often fit the earrings in the tailored shirt.

The rounded or collar

The rounded collar, also known as club ring, is the most varied collar types. While most collars have a straight edge, the edges of the rounded collar are rounded as indicated by the name. Generally speaking, the spread is very small and a little pungent to look at.

Collar Collar

Collar Collar is called a pin used to collide the two sides of the neck. The pin can be changed so that the collar can be a bit varied. The tap is usually fastened together with the tie knot, which makes the tie similar to the tie.

Choosing the right collar for you

Choosing a collar requires a heart that looks not just to your shirt but also looks good on your face. As mentioned in discussing the type of collars, the different collars will be different with different faces. However, these are just thumbs and are not always valid. Try several different collars and see which type is best suited for your face. See how formal you should be. In formal situations, a more formal collar than, for example, A round or collar-fitted collar.

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