How to clean the futon cover

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The most suitable way to protect your running mattresses is to buy a futon cover. There are so many beautiful futon blankets that make the right choice of style a tough decision. Another aspect is the cover. The most common futon cover is a full size, 54 "x 75" size. Most futon mattress thicknesses may vary, but the most common thickness is 6 "- 8" thick. Most futon blankets fit futon mattresses, which are 6 "-8" thick. The Queen's futon cover is 60 "x 80" and is much less common. In fact, most people who order the queen futon cover in the end are back with full size coverage. So it's a good idea to measure your treadmill, even if you think you're a queen, just to make sure it's a queen.

The first consideration will be whether you can buy a washable topsheet, a dry, clean blanket, or just a clear topsheet. If you have a child or pets, the washable lid is the best choice. Always pay attention to the manufacturers label and follow the instructions for cleaning or washing the lid. Usually, most washable futon blankets should be washed by hand or a washing machine with mild and cold water, mild detergent. You can also wash the washbasin lid with cotton or other fine detergent. After washing and rinsing, dry the cover or dry it in the dryer at cooler temperatures.

Care should be taken to prevent the lid from being washed in hot or hot water, and in particular, do not dry the lid in the dryer in hot or hot heat. This is undoubtedly a shrinkage, and it is likely that your cover will not fit the matrach and will be ruined. If you've forgotten the tag on the futon cover, try contacting the merchant from whom you purchased the cover and see if you have a record of the purchased cover and contact the manufacturer to find out what the cleaning instructions were.

Some blankets are only designed for dry cleaning, which may be expensive and many are chemically sensitive and try to keep away from chemicals used in dry cleaning. Some futon covers are designed to be cleaned with a mild detergent and then wiped with a towel.

Many vinyl or leather looking futon covers. These blankets are great for pets or toddlers and can simply be wiped with a damp cloth or sponge. The disadvantage is that you can sit hot or sticky.

Sunbrella covers are the most beautiful. They are storm-resistant and waterproof. For cleaning, it basically cuts off contamination. Use a mild detergent sponge to wipe them off or wash them off, and even use bleach on them and will not fade. Actually, they guarantee that they will not fade in the direct sunshine for 5 years.

The following statement is something you should do at your own risk. In our store, when the futon cover was stained or contaminated, we never put it in the washing machine. We always took them home and washed them in the washbasin with a bit of warm water, worn some wool, rinsed them several times, stretched them and dried some large towels on the floor. This worked every time except once the cover shrank badly. In fact, the width remained the same, but the length was about 1 foot. We'll ship it! Blankets that are supposed to be dry-cleaned or purified are perfectly washed.

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