How to do magical tricks to remove magic?

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This is a big party trick, and you really believe people have extraordinary powers.

Appearing Fraud to the Audience

The magician dresses in a jacket and tie in a jacket. She asks someone to close her wrist as closely as possible with a banner or a packet tape. No doubt his hands are so tightly tied that he needs to be cut off. The magician tells the audience to show how to get a solid object in another. The magician enters another room for a minute. When she goes back to the room, she still wears the coat and the tie, but removed her shirt. His hand is still securely bound, and no one knows how he did it.

Fraud Has Been Wrong

This trick seems impossible, but it's very simple. Get ready for the trick, take off his shirt and put it back over his shoulder like a cloak. Without putting your arm in the fingers, turn the collar and the top three or four buttons. Then, without putting your hand on your finger, push your wrists around the cuffs. Put the tie as usual and then your jacket. If you do well, it will look like you normally wear your clothes and no one will suspect anything.

When you're ready to run the trick, ask someone to tie the wrist with a banner or tape. Make sure they are tight enough so everyone can see that it is impossible to remove their hands when they are released.

When you tie your wrists, tell them to show you how to frustrate your laws physics and a solid object pass through another

You tell them that you will be at the door for a moment and when you knock on the door, open it you have to open the door and get it back.

When in the other room, use your fingers to undo the collar buttons. Then loosen your tie and slide it over the top of the head; but not exclude. Release the rest of the shirt and unscrew the cuff with your teeth. This seems cumbersome, but in fact it is very easy to do it.

Grab your shirt collar on your neck and pull it up. You will find out who can pull your shirt off your coat. Put the tie back and tighten. Place your shirt over your arm and knock on the door

When you open the door, the audience is amazed and you see that you have been able to pass your shirt through your tie and coat

This trick is so unusual and so strange that people will remember it in the coming years.

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