How to make a girl comfortably in your own right?

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One of the obstacles to having a lot of people is to make her feel comfortable and relaxed. This can not be a problem. If you have properly shared the comfort of time and trusts in her, but sometimes even if you have a little hesitation and nervous. You can do two great things to make her feel comfortable at home.

first There is a nice place.

2. Suppose he was there already.

Now talk about what 'Nice' means. Money means nothing from the point of view of establishment. Unless the superficial women, then there will be no more action simply because there is a mansion. If it's a nice place, you're in the place that follows the triple C. Clean, comfortable and cozy. There may be a multi-million dollar mansion that does not follow the three Cs, and it will not be good to involve the girls as well.

The gigantic crack house is still a crack house. When your place follows the three C, girls can afford to go to Fantasy mode. They seem to be sitting in their seats, in a very comfortable pajamas or something else. They love. Basically, if a girl does not see your way of life, you are less likely to have more than one night with you. It's okay if you're not looking for more than a night stand, but if you're looking for more, it will help him fall into this imaginative mode. Try to hang a very hot chick in a messy room where it's almost rubbish. Very hard? Almost NO girl would do this. So keep your house clean. This rule is number 1. The girls will feel that their unclean house reflects an unclean lifestyle in general.

With your hair, girls are missing out of your mind that your life (not just your hair) is confusing. The house is ten times as much. Comfort and conviction are very useful for girls to slide into fantasy mode. If you have nice furniture (comfort) and soft things like coziness around the cushions, the girls can see themselves relaxing in place. This is a very good place to go to a new friend's house when she takes a girl. Remember, you do not need money.

A few throw cushions or comfortable couches cheap. Take a little thought and time to design your place, and this makes the girls much easier in your life. Another good way for a girl to feel comfortable is to take the mindset of having been there before. When you bring good friends, you will not go in and say, "Okay, this is the living room, here is the guest room." and etc.

You're just walking and falling down on the couch. You have to do this with a new girl. If he needs to know where he is, he asks. Mostly they will be down. It's a great technique to add this "no shoe in the house" rule to this convenience. When walking, just say "shoes" and start your own shoe. Not only does it feel more comfortable, but now you know it's a little longer. 😉

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