How to make sure the dog is pregnant?

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It is always difficult for people to know if their dogs are pregnant. Dog physicians say that after 3 weeks I can get an exact answer with B ultrasound.

But how do I know this before? Keep an eye on your dogs and find some pregnancy symptoms.

Do you notice that your dog is at dog temperature? Dog skin often returns for 21 days and appears twice a year. If your dog is only at dog temperature, it means she is ready to mate and it's time to get pregnant.

Dog heat has signs of dog blood loss and dog vulva or red redness. For the first time you noticed the dog's heat signs to your dog, it means that you will see it after half a year. Experts suggest that it's best time for dogs to be infants after one and a half years. It would be a great deal to their health if they had babies who were not old enough.

After the dog's heat has been done, you must pay attention to your dog if you want to be sure that the dog is pregnant. You can bring it to your vet, or you can try to figure it out yourself. If you want your own, there are some suggestions I can provide. Try to feel the absence of the dog after a while. If your dog is pregnant, your belly should be firmly fixed with your feet, suggesting that the puppies are in it. When you have an x-ray time, it's better to get x-rays. This test is enough to give the most accurate answer.

Pregnant dogs would be more cordial, some of them insisted on it. Take care of the unusual signs that your dog did after the dog bark, which gives some idea. When it comes to corporations or other strangers, the wounds are usually aggressive and antisocial. All these steps are just OK because they try to protect their little puppies inside their bodies.

The dog's pregnancy is about 2 months. If you are certain that the dog is pregnant, then your job is to take care of it.

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