How to make your shoes a little longer

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The life of the shoes depends on three main things: repetition, stress and care. The type of care depends on the type of footwear, but a number of tidbits and umbrellas provide guidance on the longer life of the shoes:


It is tempting to slide every day in the same pair every 24 hours calm down. Our feet can produce up to a glass of moisture per day. Moisture relaxes the inside of the footwear and shortens how long it can be used. This is especially true for fine leather and athletic footwear. Rotating shoes allow them to leak and decompress. Fresh socks, and for those who need to have extra oomphs, the baby dust is sprayed in advance with a plus.

Take the Time

Whether you are in a hurry or go or are ready to relax, many people find it crippling to put these trainers on their side or try to move their feet without crap. Like some shoes, like sweaters, it's perfectly fine, but other types of shoes are also needed. Populated footwear should be loosened before removing them. This prevents the upper part of the shoe and the bottom from falling apart. The same concept goes back to the shoes back. Over time, moving up and down leads to breaking the shoe. The sneaker barrier prevents this damage from occurring.

Storage / Shape

If not used, keep the shoes in a cool, dry place until reused. The cedar shoe helps maintain the shape and absorb the remaining moisture. The old dry newspapers are recycled and stuffed in the shoes. Dust and dirt can be protected by breathable cotton shoes.

Water Purification / Purification

Waterproof spray, regardless of whether the shoe is made, prevents moisture penetration. If the leather shoes are wet, wipe them with a cloth and let it dry completely at room temperature; the heat shrinks. DO NOT put your shoes in the washing machine. Instead, use abrasives, mild soap and cold water. Shoes made of more complex materials such as leather or suede should be treated as soon as they are discolored.

Other Operations

Avoid Foot or Rock Kicks
Shoes Continue to Fit Properly

Even if the shoe lifespan can not be accurately determined, there is no doubt that proper care extends the past .

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