How to protect your home from winter

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The winter season is up to us. As we change our lifestyles and routines to fit into the seasons, we need to adapt our homes to change as well. As we prepare to feel at home and take out the heavy winter wool rooms, we need to make sure our homes are ready to commit snow, dirt, salt and salt.

The winter season involves challenges that are not merely seasonal; the holiday season has a lot of pedestrian traffic around the house as people spend a lot of time in the room. This dual effect can combine the real damage to the beautiful hardwood floor when they are not ready. Let's take a look at how the changing season can damage the floor and hinder this happening.

General Winter Fatal Damage

Gap Development: The air that air conditioning systems circulate throughout your home in the winter season is much drier than the circulating air in the summer months. The effect of wood is that it slightly loses its moisture content, leading to the formation of small gaps where boards meet. Do not worry too much, for it is expected. When the temperature rises, it absorbs moisture and returns to the normal level.

Scraping and Scraping: Sludge, salt, dead leaves, dirt and snow can cause scratching and scratching on the floor as they deliberately shipped to the bottom of the boots and shoes.

Rot: If enough let them lie intact for a long time, some of these winter elements may get into the floor, so the wood will be broken. This must be avoided, as in severe cases it may be necessary to use professional services for repair.

What can I do to avoid them?

Maintaining Temperatures: Changes in temperature and humidity lead to floor coverings. To counteract this effect, it is a good way to keep the thermostat settings in constant, constant temperature, avoiding upward and downward warm-up.

Cleaning: Regularly overwhelming, crumbling and vacuuming floor floors prevents sludge build-up and residual snow that can eventually lead to rotation

Remove your shoes: simply take off your shoes and boots before entering the house with long will take the road to avoid most of the difficulties in the winter. Before you get in, get acquainted with your family and friends.

Cover: Carpets, rugs, and carpets are a great way to protect the floor, especially in high traffic areas that experience the greatest stress. The unwanted elements will simply not be able to get to the floor.

Learn what you're aiming for: If you understand exactly what type of floor you are trying to protect, your job will be easier. Information about the areas of hardwood flooring, such as old age, amount of money over time, etc. It helps determine how much time, effort, and money can be used for defense.

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