How to wear a Western T-shirt without being like a cowboy

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There is something irresistible in Western shirt. Perhaps this is the subtle light of the pearl brownies and the trendy vintage style material. He might go deeper into some ancient ideology where real people walked with their horses and six shooters. Maybe it's as simple as wearing a T-shirt, it's fun to charge and take off.

But those who use a cabinet full of Western style push-button often shake their styling. Is it possible to wear a western shirt without looking like John Wayne? He had put three tips to look modern, not like the passengers on the Oregon trail. [3] 1969. Be aware of the accessories . The western shirt should never be worn with any of the following: a bolo necktie, a cowboy hat, a cowboy boots, a necklace, a cut jeans or a sword. It is a good rule that at one time only an old-western effect can be felt – it will look at the hips and not the costumes. Instead, fit your western boots with straight or slim jeans, a pair of shoes and a comfortable hoody with a vintage / trendy feel, not with Halloween. Keep your tail away. You may have grown up to learn that the swallow spots are sloppy and rough, but this is a case where your mother's rules do not apply. The western shirt is the fastest way to transform the modern mood with a fresh face hand. Despite resisting the temptation, you have to keep the Western Inn at the occasional event just in the drawer. Do not match your denim. This is the oldest rule in the book of Western Wear: Every Fashion of Fashionable Fashion does not match its blues. You will be so stupid. This does not mean that denim jeans are unacceptable – just the opposite. But pick up the jeans with a darker wash than the jeans shirt to avoid the "canadian suits" look.

Western shirts are men's fashion sets – and for good reason. Everyone is flattering and comfortable, and in the afternoons of grilling, guys can go to dance with ladies in the evening. Do not forget to take the West with you.

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