Ideas for men's casual wear

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However, I can give you some good guidance to help guide you in the right direction. What you need is a pair of wide-legged, flat front khakis or chinos for a calm fit.

Skirts and cuffs are perfect for polo shirts, but they are not ideal for a shorter guy than you are, because they are cut off from the length. In order to get the most visible appearance of the length and height, you need to have flat fronted and uncuffed pants. The flat front pants are also slim; but the collapsed façades are a little dressier. This time, however, I think you can make up for the rest of your clothes and go on the flat front.

You must also take the pants back pocket and try it without chips (if you find something) or with thin pockets. Anyway, go to the shortest, thinnest pockets that are in the back. Large pockets emphasize the back of the pants, and as you mentioned that you have a generous backrest, it is best to reduce it.

With regard to the length of the pants, the pants have to break on the shoe's lace (which I recommend sweaters or cattle) and lie behind the heel.

I'm looking for a black shirt, a brown / clay / stone-colored Chinese or khaki that are wide-legged and flat, with pockets on the back and no clamps and black belts and black boots or suede oxfords (of course black socks!) [19659002] If you want to increase elegance, you can combine a dark-colored, intelligent sports jacket or blazer that you can naturally remove and offer you to care for a lady's shoulder if you feel cool about the event! Always think ahead!

As for trying to shop, he declared that the banana republic was not ideal. Maybe you can try it as an alternative to Gap or Dockers.

If you wear beautiful pair of black or boots trousers, you wear a lot of other things on top. In the winter months, beautiful pair of wool pants and warmer fabrics for warmer months.

You can wear a simple button on top, which is a bit more relaxed, which you will usually wear to work. The flannel shirt, if it is well done, looks casual and stylish, yet it's professional for work. Dress up a bit in some beautiful black dresses and it will be good! Add the blazer if you feel like it's a bit too thin.

The top of the sweater is a nice look. A beautiful rich color (such as dark blue or burgundy) may look great. To make sure that the clothes you are wearing are less fussy, why not wear a tee under it? Solid, again in darker colors. The result is a youthful look that is also a professional

The ultimate key point is that your care really dictates how smart you will be, not your clothes. Make sure your clothes look smart but the key to success is to make sure you shower, shave and watch your hair before going out. Also make sure you feel comfortable with what you are wearing; if it feels uncomfortable, it will appear. If we feel good and are well cared for, you will be relaxed, smile, and feel safe. This is what everyone will and will take twice when they see it.

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