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I'm a T-shirt. It can be said that the story is my beginning as long as my arm. Maybe you think it's short enough, but it's actually long enough for my arm and sometimes sometimes. It is a pity that Charles Darwin was not there when I started living in this world or I was very grateful to my evolution.

I started life as an unusual piece of clothing that was buried under a layer and sometimes garments that a man did. I've been through my life forever, in sweat, or because of your desire, or because of weather, or just because it was some kind of metabolic oddity. Sometimes some sincere fear was relieved.

I did not know it as a shirt, but it was just a lingerie. The idea of ​​lingerie does not really start until the 20th century. when PH Hanes, John Wesley Hanes's brother launched the PH Hanes Knitting Company in 1901; and started producing man's underwear. The US Navy has actually accelerated my development in the II. During World War II, a performer, a round neck, short-sleeved "T" (so the T-shirt) appearance.

Although I still thought it was underwear, the news stories of the European War Theater showed that European soldiers were freely dressed to beat the hero and the burning European atmosphere. But as it always happens, Hollywood has come in to make my clothing more enjoyable. I was a t-shirt in the '50s that I watched and fashioned when I saw on the big screen what Marlon Brando was wearing of "A Streetcar Named Desire", and James Dean was "Rebel Without ok." The more I saw on the silver screen, the more my reputation grew up like a t-shirt. I became a national phenomenon.

Since then, my growth is odd. Everyone was on me. I looked cool – literally and symbolically. In the past, there was political upheaval and the Smithsonian Institute proudly held one of the earliest printed T-shirts record, stamped on the slogan "Dew-IT Dewey" on it and was used by the 1948 presidential campaign New York Governor Thomas E. Dewey.

Throughout history as a T-shirt, I've been using the support for various reasons. At first I only received messages. Political messages. The Vietnam War has seen demonstrations.

The invention of Plastisol (1950), a more flexible and flexible ink, has resulted in a more flexible almost almost writable or graphical statement. Funny, gags, graphics, names, and I all realized it was a simple t-shirt. The development of printing technology has become even more graphic. Mass production methods are only limited to edges.

I just went into cyberspace and wanted to customize almost anything else. There is a wisdom that all clothes are said to wear, but nobody speaks like me, a t-shirt. I, a shirt, is a great product.

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