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There is a long time when we are insisting on a problem and think it is impossible to do so. And at the very end of the idea, we see a billboard on which ADIDAS flashes the labels – "Impossible not"; we feel inspiration. We look at our laptop; APPLE, saying "thinking differently" and starting to think something new. And just when we find a new solution to the problem, NIKE blinks in the street, "Just do it." Let's continue the idea!

Label strips give you a brand you just dream if you use it correctly. It's very important to develop amazing corporate labels outside a great corporate logo that effectively communicates in a sentence what services or products your company sells. Membershiplines should give insight into the company's philosophy, services and offers. A good tagline is related to the company's promise and can help strengthen and educate potential customers. The label should always appear below the logo, in proportion to size and position, unless otherwise specified. It is important to maintain consistency in your company's membership; should not be changed or distorted with time. In order for the logo and label to be effective, it is essential to have a clear place that ensures maximum visibility and impact for all communications. There is no other element intervening among them.

There are no hard and fast rules on when to use labels, but there are very important rules on how to use it. Labels used in the logo should be unique and should always be close to your company logo. A simple emblem that has a unique label has an eternal impression on everyone. Accenture's logo space ">", including "Accent to future" and "High Performance Delivered", means – you do not think this is a unique and consistent brand that results in visual communication

to be easy to remember and reflect : the company's primary brand and brand identity, the core business value of the company and the company's primary brand. This important information should be squeezed onto a single creative line that defines the company's branding strategy for both corporate employees that are sometimes ignored and general people who see the company's logo and taglines in many different marketing and media formats. Corporate headlines are very easy to mention and have a great callback value. People need to remember them for a long time. For example, the Reebok tagline "I'm What I'm" remembers this date. The Budweiser "This Bud for you, the Volkswagen" Drivers wanted "some of the less popular taglines that managed to create the right humming around the brand, and even people tend to take advantage of susceptible labels in their daily vocabulary. people make it easy for people to continue conversations occasionally, for example, McDonald's "I'm Loving It" tag, which is part of people's daily conversation, is the success of your business here

. the way to create a good tagline to make a soulmaking, to understand the positioning and personality of the company, and that soul search will be able to create a list of tagline options that can echo the company's messages, select the appropriate tagline from the list .To check the selected threads through a sample audience, and then get the bulk ld if you have a positive answer to your company logo The font and formatting of the tag must match the logo, color code, and company guidelines

The brand is the foundation for every effort and effort of the company and is the most valuable communication tool will. Preserving the visual consistency of a company's logos design is vital to preserve and preserve the integrity of this brand

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