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I can not tell how many times I went to lunch with my girlfriend and listened to the stories about dating disadvantages. They felt that there were episodes between Sex and the City. Seriously! The saddest thing is to register the same result. Determining this crazy in some places; signing the same thing, waiting for various results. Maybe it's the way it is, or maybe it's not. I could not figure it out, so I started on a mission. I wanted to make sure I was never my own shoe.

My first plan was to conduct research. After countless hours of bookstores and surfing the net I came to some interesting places, ]

This study led to a greater experience and met with the expert. Zannah Hackett, old-fashioned wisdom in Matchmaking, has simply described the guessing of finding the love of your life. He says that he likes and teaches us how to recognize the obvious things. This is true! We no longer see the forest for trees. We can think we can only trust us, we do not know. I do not care how many self-help courses you've taken or how many psychological typing systems you've been examining and you do not give a clear picture of people like this ancient wisdom. And I'm not surprised at the negligence of the world that believed us to be enlightened above every person who can spread it. As for mobile phones, televisions, tabloids, children, traffic, bills and labor, it's a wonder we think about ourselves. Who are we kidding? And my girlfriend is supposed to find her dream man in the middle of all the chaos? No wonder he sacrifices crazy. These are the norms these days.

Fortunately, for us, Hackett very easily reveals this secret language, which makes sense to the meaningless. It explains what we are looking for, what is polarity, why we do what we are doing, and why we do not have a relationship. With trees and cars, with different types of analogies and metaphors, it verifies and authenticates the realities of the incredible romantic language. His book spends his time on understanding and solutions instead of bad. He says we're all perfectly designed to see another man, just forgetting to recognize what's in front of us. Our intuition is still in danger today. He says no one changes, we just have to learn how to move. When women complete their seminars or lessons, they know what they are doing, how they find it and how to keep it. They know how high their eyes are, whether they are lazy or aggressive, and why they should look for the greatest attraction. They have an idea of ​​where they work and what they spark their world. That's pretty powerful information and the real klincher, women are the guardians of the relationship. This means that Zannah is giving women first.

The book is based on a 3000-year-old wisdom that is the lost associative language that women have never made available to find the love of their lives. I call this "original love recipe". It has all the ingredients that a single woman needs to know. It keeps women like my girlfriend looking for Mr. Right, never knowing what she is looking for. If unique women, associates, contacts and anyone else who would like to find a positive result in finding the love of their life do not get this knowledge, they deserve to walk in uncomfortable shoes.

I guess as if it were worth anything, there is always a bonus in understanding love better and in love. With this knowledge, there is a very special gift you can go to, but I do not think I can guess how to kiss and tell. In fact, if you want to know, you can attend a seminar, a session, and buy the book. You will not regret it.

The next scheduled "Loving YOU" seminar will be held on November 12, 2005 in Los Angeles from 10 am to 5 pm. For more information, visit: or call 760.809.7273 for pre-registration. Pre-registration is $ 300 or $ 395 in the door. Register early because the seats are very limited.

I'll see you there, and if we get the information, let's go buy NEW SHOES!

Patricia Rust

Award Winning Writer and Screenwriter

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