Introduction to Civil War Swords

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One of the most influential war on which the United States ever participated was a civil war. He fought in the land of America, and in this wild battle friends turned against each other. As long as the firearms were invented, the military sword was the chosen weapon when the fight was close and personal. Here are some US military swordsmen during the Civil War.

During the Civil War many companies manufactured a military sword. These sharp blades were able to cause lethal damage, and in a skilled swordsman's hands they were much more deadly than the inaccurate guns and other firearms.

The Ames Society made a military sword from 1832 to 1906. In the Civil War, this company has produced more than 200,000 swords. Nathan P. Ames launched the company and labeled the blades manufactured by N.P. Ames. After his death, James's brother changed the nominations of Ames Mfg. Co.-re.

Swordmaker Christopher Roby worked between 1861-1867. During a six-year run, Roby swordsman-sword-sword, swordsman, non-commissioned officer of Military Swords and Light Artillery Swords. When the civil war ended, the company went bankrupt.

The second largest producer of civil war swords in the United States was Mansfield and Lamb. The Rhode Island company was a textile outlet before the war. Mansfield and Lamb have just created a kind of military sword – the M1860 saber.

New Jersey jigsaw designer Emerson and Silver lasted between 1860 and 1865 for five years. The records prompted historians to estimate that the company had nearly fifty thousand military swords during the war. When the fighting stopped, the company got involved.

The Philadelphia-based P.S. The Truth had a catchy name and created a fine civil war sword. Only in 1861, the company produced nearly 14,000 horseback swords and more than 1,000 artillery swords.

Tiffany & Co. is one of the modern jewelery stores of the New York flagship. When you enter and see the wonderful selection of gems, it is strange to think that the same company once made a military sword to fight hard warfare. The company created a high-quality officer sword and two different horsemanships

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