Is it okay to wear a Guy dress?

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Do you see that many guys are wearing pink shirts today? If so, you probably feel a little anxious about them. Pink has a whimsical femininity that some people feel is almost sinning against manhood for a guy to wear a pink shirt.

Probably will never be completely acceptable if a businessman wears a pastel pink shirt with his suit. It's strange that blue can never be considered a masculine color. Women are not starved when they are blue because it is a perfectly acceptable color for women's clothing.

Many guys were wearing a fluorescent pink shirt back in the 1980s when the fluorescent colors were large. These shirts were the top of surfer t-shirts or tanks with gym labels at the beginning but never looked feminine. The color pink disappeared from the men's clothing, now that the fluorescents are out of stock and have pastels.

One of my favorite clothing items is a pink shirt, the Red Sox emblem in gray. However, I would wear a blue shirt or a red shirt as simply as a pink shirt when wearing the athletic dress. It's really hard to imagine a guy buying a pink shirt, even if his favorite sports team's logo is on the front.

Pink-like colors like brown and purple are not as stubborn as pink. There are a lot of purple shirts made for men, and people do not look at people twice wearing purple shirts.

Men have difficulty wearing what they have been nominated as female candidates. For example, not many people walk around the lace dress or embroidered flowers. Perhaps the pink will always be for the girls. Anyway, it's good for me because I like the pink color. I do not even think I'm going to enjoy wearing my husband in my pink Red Sox shirt while he's around the house.

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