Jeans, and why I love them

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I really like a comfortable leg drying. The feeling of a soft jeans lying on my thighs and on the back as I get up from my seat or the delicate skirt as I cover my hair while I walk … this is a pleasant experience. Not to mention that my back is fine.

I'll take a brief look at five of my favorite pair of shorts.

Seven7 Jeans – Size: 31 × 31; Style: Flare. "This song is a pair of jeans, as they fit in tastefully, look fantastic and feel even better than the previous two recognitions. I wear them mainly with leather leather boots or low-top diesel shoes. They do not look incredibly fashionable in terms of design; Just a simple dark blue jeans with a brown thread on the back pockets. But these are the only jeans I wore where a little girl came to me in a bar and asked me to trade with me. I turned that woman away because I like the Seven ways too much.

MEK Denim – Size: 31 × 30; Style: Low rise, straight leg. – The narrowest jeans are light blue with a smaller spread on the knees and lower thighs. The upper thighs have attractive features and the back pockets are the M logo with the signature MEK. Maron sewing provides a welcoming color balance. The pockets are too small and tight to insert anything, just the cell phone and the wallet, so I did not venture to be a swelling figure for my wallet. Usually I wear these dark brown Steve Madden shoes and a bracelet t-shirt.

Jeanseria For Men – Size: 31 × 32; Style: Straight Leg. – My only apparel that comes from Brazil, these jeans are a child of a Sao Paolo-based company that deals with attractive design and comfort. These are my favorite trousers in appearance, as dark jeans are easily faded. The thighs and the back pockets have fingers, and my physical qualities are divine. They usually wear these with a tan or cream Diesel shoe.

Lucky Brand Denim – Size: 31 × 32; Style: Boot cut. "One of the frontmost men of the most comfortable jeans, the only reason for this weakness, because I'm not a big fan of shoe-cutting style. Whether the lucky jeans are the softest I've ever felt, and I'm sure if I had a narrower pair I would be the first on my list. They have dark jeans with light jeans that are almost fine. Very attractive. In addition, my favorite feature is fly. When you retract, there is a fabric on the back of the zipper, which means "Lucky you". I can only wear shoes.

Polo Ralph Lauren – Size: 32 × 32; Style: Straight Leg. "The only farmer with whom I could call the audience of the scene a" funny jeans "(but not really, just fit for a very short time on your knees and tops), a faded black color. The jeans are a little too stiff for my taste, so these very attractive jeans are not on the list. From the style point of view, I think these are the most vivid general designs, since I can use them in many ways in many ways. They are only worn with black and silver Diesel shoes, and usually with a black Zoo York T-shirt in white finish. These are the only jeans I wear with black leather belts. The belt has a stainless steel buckle that matches the silver secondary color of the shoes.

Mmm … dresses

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