Johan Cruyff Retro Shirts – Watch the 3 Cruyff Caps, including the famous Dutch Football Shirt

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Not surprisingly, Johan Cruyff's retro shirts are so popular. Among the many talented players on the Netherlands's "Total Football" in the seventies, Cruyff emerged as the team's star. An attacker who was as comfortable on the midfield or on the wing, probably the most famous for the incredible skill known as the "Cruyff Turn".

Many different types of Johan Cruyff retro, thanks to the number of clubs played by the Dutch master during his career, including Ajax and Barcelona. You can buy your club pants and your most famous Dutch football shoes online.

Here are some of Johan Cruyff's retro t-shirts, all of which are a good example of vintage football with the Cruyff Classic Ajax T-shirt

Cruyff began his career at Ajax, where he voted twice for the European player twice a year before Ajax's early stage in 1973-74 would have left Barcelona. Cruyff played a total of 318 matches for Ajax, earning 250 goals, winning eight league titles, five Dutch Cups and three European Cups, but decided that his time at the club was eliminated when his teammates got Piet Keizer as a captain who was really disappointed Cruyff. [60] Ajax at the celebration of the 60th birthday celebration, the famous T-shirt 14 retired to honor the player. The Cruyff Classic Ajax T-Shirt is located in the middle of a white jersey with a thick red strip in the middle.

Cruyff Classic FC Barcelona T-shirt

Cruyff moved to Barcelona for £ 922,300. At that time, he was considered the best player in the world and his direct presence to the team helped Barcelona win the first Spanish title in 14 years

These Johan Cruyff retro shirts are the famous blue and purple classic retro t-shirts of the seventies.

Cruyff Classic 1974 Holland Shirt

Johan Cruyff played 48 games in his country with 33 goals. He was wearing a famous T-shirt, wearing only two black streaks along the fingers, unlike the three usual designs of the Adidas trademark and all other Dutch players. He also wore No. 14, despite the fact that the Dutch squad numbers were arranged in alphabetical order, so he actually wore T-shirt No. 1

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