Jordan II shoes for basketball

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The original Air Jordan basketball shoes are certainly the most popular shoe line for all time. From the original Jordan to the most recent Jordan in 2011, there is not one shoe on the line, which is not epic. Well, maybe there's a shoe that can not be considered epic. Many Jordanian shoe fanatics believe that the II. Jordan is less epic. Jordanheads are not the only shoe fanatics who do not consider this shoe as true to Jordan's classics. Michael Jordan himself did not even care about the shoes. So much so that he thought he would leave Nike and sign another shoe company.

Not just the air Jordan 2 sold badly to this original release, it was a horrible first appearance retro. He just did not sell it. In fact, the shoe came to the footlocker's preferential racks, and made the back of TJ Maxx. A couple of Jordan II retrories could have been added for the dollar. The problem was the middle of the shoe. It was too soft and it would be very easy. As a result, many sneakerheads simply pulled them down or down to the yard.

After the failure of Jordan II Retros, the Jordan brand years later, with Air Jordan 2.0, tried to make the shoe more sellable. The JB decided that some changes are ok to make the shoe more marketable. The II. Jordan's silhouette was used with some small changes in the middle plane and the upper part. The midsole uses Nike 360 ​​Max Air cushioning. In addition, the famous elephant from Jordan III is used on the upper plane and extends from the middle to the toe.

The latest Jordan 2.0 comes in a color drop of light gray nubuck leather. Black is used in the middle, the heel and inner lining. The beautiful elephant prints on the upper part from the middle to the tip of the toe. This actually extends around the entire box. Gold accents are used in the language, the Air unit and the old Air Jordan logo. The white rubber sole clears the shoe.

The Jordan 2.0 is a foot-wear shoe. The same can not be said of the original Jordan II. Many Jordan shoe fans have criticized Jordan Brand for modifying the original Air Jordan. Everyone but elephant printing and the 360 ​​Air Max unit completely changed the appearance and performance of the original shoe. This is a pair of Jordan basketball shoes that, unlike the original II, are truly epic.

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