Kid Party Games – for boys

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Boys play differently than girls. They are usually more competitive and full of energy. Most boys provide a damp and dirty experience and perform physical activities. If you have a single sex party for your son, here are some great games and fun ideas.

Balloon Water Bombs

Half-filled balloons with water. Share the boys into two teams. Let them stand against each other. Give a team of balloons with water. The balloon is thrown to their partner. The partner takes the step and returns the balloon to his partner. Who, on the other hand, takes a step back and so on. The winner is the couple who throws the balloon the longest, without breaking it.

Water polo bowling

This is a great game for summer. Play cricket with a plastic bat with balloon-filled balloons. Every boy gets a chance to get into a bowl and bat. Make sure you have plenty of balloons to make boys enjoy the fun of wet.

Paint Ball

Fill the balloons with water-soluble paint. Spend half with red and the other with blue paint. Make sure that guests wear old clothes and change clean clothes. Share the boys into 2 teams – the red and blue teams. In order to identify the teams, each cheap T-shirt or bandana can round their heads in the colors of the team. Create a strip from no man – you don't want the boys to get too close when they are thrown. They have to try the other team's teams with the balloons. When a boy hits, he sits. The winning team has the most unmarked boys.

You can play the game with a drier ball. Place the stockings in the stockings and tie them together. Because the flower balls hit someone, they leave a white sign, this person will stand out. The members have to wear dark clothes and they will not have two colors to differentiate the teams.

The Obstacle Course

This is a wonderful way for boys to spend energy. Create an obstacle in the garden. Younger boys have tables and chairs to climb up or down. The exploding pool on which you can cross. Older boys can climb trees and jungle gyms, run the house, etc. The first is the winner on the course.

Treasure Hunt

The boys are divided into two groups. Give them a list of articles to search. These articles can be exterior – long leaf, round leaf, pen, stone, etc. Or inside – crayon, video, pillow, spoon, toy car, etc. It remains very busy. Another variation is that each group has to find each letter of the alphabet – apple, ball, comic, etc.

Happy puppy

Give each boy three marshmallows to put his mouth. Ask them to say "happy puppy" with their marshmallows in their mouths. Give another marshmallow to every child who can clearly say the words. The next marshmallow must be put in their mouths and they must repeat the words. Repeat this process. Any boy who can't say the words is clearly exposed. Continue until the last station can say the words. Gross mother – great for boys.

Swing Ball

Stick a ball to a string. Let the party stand in the middle of the boy with his friends in a circle around him. He keeps the ball above the ground. Every boy jumps over the string when he realizes. If you touch the string, the boy is out or the next one who is swinging the ball.


Most types of races are usually enjoyed by most boys – bag race, two-legged race, egg and spoon competition, team mediation, etc. Stand in a row. The birthday boy is about 10-15 steps away with the boys. He says he's running green and the other boys until he says red and turns around. Anyone you see is moving. Then he turns around and says green. He turns red to look for a boy. The winner is the first to reach the "traffic light".

Sharky Sharky

The party child begins as a sharky. He walks around the garden while the other children follow "sharky, sharky, which is time." Then answer 1 hour or 5 & # 39; Oh, hour. This continues until he says "dinner" and turns to catch one of the boys. The boy he caught is sharky. Change this game to fit the theme, saying Spiderman or Captain on the pirate theme instead of the sharky.

Here are several party games and fun ideas .

Remember that the goal is fun for everyone – including.

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