Kids and running

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Most kids are natural runners. But what about those who don't? Is there a way to be interested in running and getting started? How much should they be supervised?

A good age is between kindergarten and first class. If they are interested, they can help them if they start slowly and work with a more structured program.

The most important thing is to have fun. Just like adults, if something is not fun, most people don't insist on it. They can heat toys like a label and hide and search. Or older kids can find skateboarding, hula hoops and skateboarding fun. Under the Christmas tree or as a birthday present, new rollers or new bikes can only be the sparks you need.

If you can't get them outdoors, you can always start something on Wii Fit. Some suitable games are Ski Jump, Hula Hoop, Soccer Heading and Basic Step (similar to Dance, Dance Revolution).

Just like adults, children have to start slowly and work up and stick with the passage of time. The maker is sure to have the right socks and good shoes and start stretching and gay gays.

Walking Before Running. Children will come with you if the landscape is interesting to them. Walk to the shopping center, the parks, the beach and the surrounding area. 10,000 steps about 5 miles. Slowly builds up walking / running and occasionally running.

Find a good youth running program or youth running club. Not only is it a good, structured way to learn how to run the right way, but it is also a good way to meet your friends. Children can record their progress and learn how to set goals.

There are fun runs across the country. Many marathons also have something for the kids, whether it's a fun ride or a fun dash. They are 100-400 meters and offer kids free t-shirts and souvenirs when they cross the finish line. You can start moving to your competitors and live on the track with other runners. Get them to participate in a community event that is fun and healthy.

If you notice that they are not actually running, do not push it. There are many other ways to pull the kids out of the sofa and move around. But if you are interested, you can do a lot to encourage them.

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