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In 1996, a young guard was born in the NBA from Charlotte Hornets. But he does not play a single game in the Hornets uniform. Instead he came to the Los Angeles Lakers where he finally won four NBA championship titles and an MVP award.

Kobe Bryant is an NBA Superstar and her shoe is one of the most sought after sportswear today. From the time he first replaced the lightning strike until the last time he won his fourth ring, Kobe's shoes were as famous as the man who wears them. His talent was that Adidas had signed a six-year contract. Pairings were tailored to a number of Adidas-made Kobe Bryant shoes, most notably KB8 devices and futuristic Kobe II shoes.

But just like any other superstar, Kobe has his own debates. In 2003, when the contract with Adidas was terminated, he was charged with sexual harassment. It stumbled on its reputation – the reason why some of its recommendations were short-circuited. Adidas never signed up again. But his rival Nike had other plans. Given that the Bryant superstar can schedule a storm overtime, the athletic giant has signed a five-year multi-millionaire contract. This partnership rejected new Kobe Bryant shoes, including the Zoom Kobe collection, as well as the Nike Hyperdunk series – made famous by the best-known YouTube videos where Kobe apparently jumped out of a Ashton Martin speeding and swims in a pool filled with snakes.

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