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I know that times are changing and that every generation does things other than before. I also understand that the world around us requires us to change our business. However, I believe that through the technology created by facilitating our lives, we have really allowed ourselves to become even more courageous than before. This is about how we handle this.

Obviously, things change over time, usually a lot of time, so you do not even realize this is happening. The purpose of these advances is to make as little time as possible. However, I think we have spent their free time and even more stuff, usually online and usually through our phone. Yes, we do more, but I do not think there is something because we do not use the things we want to do; we just add more things to think about. I think we are very addictive to make up for their time that we simply can not do otherwise. We have any free minutes, we reach our phone or laptop. We always have something to look at, something to check or do something (usually more than one thing).

I certainly do not oppose these developments. I think there is still a place in our life to stop and look at other options. I think that we can use this technology to our advantage, but make sure that this advantage is used to preserve humanity. I would like to suggest that we stop and evaluate situations and see that it is always the best way for you to do so. Sometimes it is better to be in the moment and enjoy exactly what it is.

I know we all agree that multi-tasking during driving is a bad idea, but I also know that most of us still do this. I'm not saying just wording and leadership, but telephony and reception, even Bluetooth is distracting. The conversation itself is confusing. How hard is it to transplant a whole red light without checking your phone to see what's missing? When we are at work meetings, people have either taken control of phones or retreated to their table and seized it later. When was the last time you met a friend for lunch or a drink, and sat and talking to each other? I pass through parents who are walking in their children, and the adult is on the phone, allowing for zero interaction. When kids play in the park, the parent sat on the bench talking on the phone or scrolling through messages, emails, or apps. Kids learn to chat with us interacting and playing games. I see this happening in stores, restaurants, department stores and various events. People are moving through moves such as shopping or watching a child's sporting event, but they are stunned by something else. I understand! I'm also guilty, and I'm usually sorry when I do it. All of us have to do all we can in one day, right? Sometimes we have to resolve phone calls or problems. All I'm saying is that it might be a good time to have NO more work if possible. Now, perhaps, it's just a great time to think about what we want our world, our relationships, to see in a few years, and how our generation is going.

Our children learn to lend to adults around them. We are the ones who define the expectations that are time to teach them what is right and what is wrong. Kids are so smart to learn, just watching what they do and learning a lot. If we want to change how we handle this technology, it's time to do so. Now that we can change how we handle their own children. Again, please do not hurt; there is definitely a time and place where I would use these things and know that we need them, but it is important to listen to the people we are. It is important to call attention to our leadership and our work. It is very important that we allow ourselves to be in the moment. So enjoy the sunset or the game or the conversation without doing anything else! All of us need time to think, to shoot everything and to listen to what is important to us all. After all, this technology has been developed, is not it?

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