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What is the choice between Nike or Adidas among other regular products? What is the search mark when we try to judge the manufacturer's credibility? What is the first thing we get when we talk about the Olympics?

Surprisingly, in every case, the answer is an image. This image, the possibility of immunity research, is best known as the Logo.

The logo of the company is the shortest and most accurate form of expression for the individuality, perception, image and intent of a person or company. People often identify an organization with its logo. Provides a brief, smart and instant appeal to the company's customers.

It is often located at the corner of the letterhead, and the company's logo speaks to the company itself.

Over time, the concept of the logo has undergone tremendous changes. Today's logos are much more stylish, more dramatic and enhanced, which saves the company's construction. Now look at the concept of the logo:

1. The logo carries the image of a company. It is the task of creating a long-term, recognizable impression in the mind of a potential client or client.

2nd Inserting a special font is a graphic element, symbol, and icon of a trademark or brand whose shape, colors, fonts, and images generally differ from others in a similar market.

3rd The logo is an iconic symbol designed to represent a company, product or service. It also represents the personality of an organization.

4th The logo is usually dimensionally small, so it fits into a number of brochures, leaflets, flags, stationery and other communication devices. They generally saw that the name of the business owner or corporate or social organization appears with the logo along with the slogan that conveys the essence of vision and thoughts.

5th Logos are your business's encryption and often appear in more places than anything else about your work.

6th A moment when a company's image and existence for a long time is embedded in the client's mind.

7th A company, commercial enterprise or communal organization that symbolizes its commercial interest, appearance and material / monetary benefits, as well as the personality of use logos. It represents individuals or groups of people who promote business interest.

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