Love-Hate T-Shirts

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If today there is a global cultural phenomenon in this world, then there must be T-shirts. Most people seem to have some special design or sayings. People seem to be really enjoyable and entertaining to express themselves in their own unique way. They find a t-shirt that has a pleasing design or a custom that everyone sees.

One of the most popular themes you see on the tees, I like the tees. There are many such customized "I Love You" or "My Hearts" shirts that allow you to add element, object, thing, or person you love in text form. People simply want to tell and show others what they like. However, there is a T-shirt that comes with a different kind of spin on this love affair. You can call this "love-hate" shirt or "hate-love" shirt. I suppose this is some sort of attention to love-hate relationships that can affect many people something or someone.

Different people refer to this love-hate relationship that is something that holds the opposition's feelings that love something or someone, but they do not like the same thing or a person at the same time. There seems to be some similarity to love-hate and that some men or women are talking about enjoying and trying to live with a significant other. For example, many people said women about "women, can not live with them and can not live without it". I think women often say the same thing about men.

However, this love-hate thing is already exposed to a tee. You can find it in two different ways. If the shirt reads "hate," as you can see, its reflection in the mirror will show the word "love". You will also find the tees that show the opposite where "love" is seen without the use of a mirror and reflect "hate". I think this t-shirt would be a novel theme for debate if you did it publicly or by your friends.

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