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Like many of my generation, I left it at a fast pace in an aggressive town in South Florida for a more gentle, milder lifestyle. I was looking for a temporary place of residence because I was sure that my dwellings and needs became clearer and more definable after I was in a tropical lifestyle, provided that they were not entirely changed. So I went to rent an apartment in South Florida among the luxurious luxury apartments.

When I decided to move, I was eager to find a place to live and I gave you a week, a job. Before I went to Florida, I started basics and made an online search using Web sites that cater to people relocating and looking for Florida homes. After I arrived in Florida, I picked up a couple of free paperbacks to the local supermarket, which proved to be much more useful than I could ever imagine. I found a new home, but I did not know what you want, you can not find it here. I quickly found out that sometimes too many possibilities (almost) frustrating as too little and an acute case of "analytical paralysis" came down and tried to pass through dozens of options before me. Initially, all I knew was that I needed a place of residence and wanted to be somewhere on Florida's Gold Coast, the vast region that lies to the Florida Keys south of West Palm Beach. Between the Atlantic Ocean, the East-West Region and the Western Evergreens, I felt a great misfortune that my interest was rather narrow, even if it was longer than it was.

map of the region and choose some criteria to focus my search and further restrict the search area. Some considerations were more obvious than others. For example, I knew that I needed a job and that in my field to find out the prospects I will dramatically increase in the near future in the larger, denser urban areas. Lauderdale and Miami. At the same time, I also knew that in my luck more than one option was that I was less likely to lie in West Palm Beach and probably on the day that my paint in the house was one of these prominent cities in a community. I decided to find my stake and search in the nondescript area of ​​South Palm Beach, North Broward, which is evenly spaced between the polar extremities of West Palm Beach and Miami Miami.

commutation time, I thought it would be a good idea to find a place in the region near two major North-South highways, I-95 and Florida Turnpike. Given the still too many options on my list, I knew that further restrictions on moderate communities would in all likelihood eliminate both high quality and affordable extremes. I soon realized that moderating moderate pricing would also narrow the geographic scope of the search, as it would be too cheap to be near the Atlantic, but it's costly enough to avoid sleeping in the swirls.

I did my best to take over my list, I still had too many communities to be able to evaluate in detail within the deadline set in the week. I also knew that the evaluation of the kind of assessment that I need, would require far more than the different websites and papercut guides available to me. It was time to get out of the field and kick a little dirt and wrestle with some bricks and mortar.

NOT VALID. How could this be so? I wondered. We only defined a circle of twenty miles that was somewhere on the military track between Boca Raton and Delray Beach, and I already have the full addresses for all the communities I wanted to visit. All I had to do was logistically design the route, jump into my car and look. As I started drawing the daily route on my map, I realized that giving an address gives little insight into the destination. After all, this has deterred Florida where residents come and go comfortably and there is little concern about how long they are going to find their destination. Of course, South Florida deals, but nobody keeps them, even the postal service. In these parts, if you want to know where to go, ask someone for the instructions and get used to hearing them on the basis of mileage, number of traffic lights and local landmarks, such as Winn-Dixies or Exxon.

I quickly learned that most street addresses are used, especially street streets that are no more than a few miles or street streets that sometimes change their name along the route. We have added to the turmoil the fact that every other city seems to have a road, street, avenue or boulevard called the "Atlantic" or "ocean", or street names and directional indications that seem to be some fictional places from the viewpoint. Streets that are not calibrated evenly, such as NE (northeast) 47th Street, which is immediately off Route 52, and NE 89th Street is quite bad. But when they cross each other, say SW (Southwest) 11th, you start thinking about finding a new wrinkle in the cosmic continuum of the universe.

Many community communities only make things worse by having their own "exclusive" street addresses that are specifically designed to place their cache, even if they do not have a spatial relationship. In reality, the titles only exist on the map of their own social network site, and generally only apply to long journeys across the road, linked to the front gates.

LENGTH OF DATA, BUT NOT SCIENTIFIC INFORMATION. The number of street names in Florida is among the most secluded secrets. In many places, they are not interested in displaying them or they show them so weak that even ears' eyes and X-ray vision can not see them modestly behind the palm trees, store signposts, shopping malls, and the like. Additionally, in my experience, tracking of address numbers is more likely to hinder help. Sometimes security is fired in a fake sense as you notice them moving up or down the road just to get away or to turn completely back when I go from one city to another.

Afterwards, after the revelations, I knew that nothing particularly serious, old-fashioned counting was needed to find the way. That meant he picked up the phone, called the leasing offices, and asked for specific driving instructions for their community. In some cases, I literally simulated in my mind that I would draw the actual excursion to all the sights before I ever leave my car. The days when travel directions marked an important crossroads near the destination on the map, the place of rest was placed to a well-ordered road network to get there.

When I approached the entrance to the first community, I did not feel the feeling of power Magellan felt as if searching for the globe, though much smaller. However, I realized that my holiday was ripe when I sat in the car in the heavy metal gate of the building and tried to figure out the magical words. I followed the instructions on the gate's sophisticated phone book system, but they refused access. Finally, he came with an electronic key card behind the resident. During subsequent visits, I learned that these so-called safe, entranced communities are part of the usual routine, which explains that none of the representatives I met in the various lease premises I visited.

GOOD LEASING FOLKS Ease the process. I am pleased to say that most of the leasing representatives whom I met in more than two dozen communities this week have been highly professional and efficient in fulfilling their obligations to enlighten their home. The good guys cut the persecution and quickly evaluate their offerings. Many people answered questions before I asked them, and usually some well-chosen words, brochures, fact sheets and flat floor plans and site maps. I was particularly pleased when some members resigned from filling in all the paperwork before they presented me with my available units. As far as I was concerned, it was a complete waste of time for all of us unless I decided to live there.

DOES NOT HAVE THE FACES AND THE MIRROR. The fun part of the process was actually the control of the apartments. This was the time when I felt that I had to pay a lot of attention to what I was doing. Some resident communities will only show you the specially-designed residential homes that help to help future tenants live in their living. Needless to say, almost every model I have seen is brand new, tastefully furnished and is much better than the actually rentable apartments. And, unless you design a floor plan (and many others in the community) and furnishings, the models do not recognize the quality of the flats for new tenants. They do not feel their neighbors or other attributes that are related to the atmosphere of the apartment, such as views, or the exposure of light, air and noise

. I quickly learned that the simplest way to enthusiasm or eliminate homes is to look at their layout, especially with regard to room configuration, interconnection of walls, and lines of sight. For example, when I saw all the bedrooms and the bathroom door at the front door, I knew immediately that I was ready to move to the next apartment and hopefully what it was to appear (if not reality). If the layouts were logical, say, kitchens in the vicinity of the dining rooms but separated from other residential areas, I was satisfied and I myself examined myself.

During my research, I realized that the quality of the room is not only a dimension, but also a form and wall aspect. The large rooms are great but the imaginary polygon shape makes it extremely difficult to take advantage of odd, angular corners. Likewise, the walls that are over them with cabinets, windows, and doors may even consider setting up primitive furniture as frustrating practices.

Importance of the number and location of the doors and the segregation of the living spaces was another aspect. For example, some master bathrooms have toilet cabinets, but the shower / tub's shell is not separated from the bedrooms, which is not enough to be claustrophobic or finicky whether you do not want the moisture content of the shower to spread throughout your home. Kitchens without doors can be confusing, unless there is enough care to prevent cooking odors from passing through the entire house.

During the examination of the rooms, I paid particular attention to the electrical connections and the distance, as well as the telephone and cable connections in the whole apartment. Not surprisingly, older real estates generally do not meet today's electrical, entertainment, and telecommunication requirements.

SOME PENALTIES ARE REQUIRED WINDOWS. Windows was by far the biggest disappointment I met in every apartment. Usually there is not enough, they are small and rarely found in kitchens or bathrooms. In order to make things worse, most (if not all) were on one side of the apartments. It is surprising that in a place such as Florida, with all its sunlight, clear air and pleasant climate (at least 6 months a year), architects and builders are more concerned with optimizing the use of windows in residential buildings. Suffice it to say that fresh air in Florida is difficult to reach, so use the air conditioner hard because you need it and it can be fitted with all ceiling fans to pump air throughout your home all year round. Another important factor in the windows is simply facing in the direction. For example, if you like this cool one, choose a northern exposure, or if you want to enjoy the sun during the day, then the southern exposure will be for you. The cool morning or the cold afternoon gives preference to western and eastern exposure.

SOK THE EXTERNAL LIVING. Patios was the second biggest disappointment in the florida apartments and for similar reasons as the windows. It is usually too small and restrictive to provide a relaxed, comfortable experience. Most beautifully, some terraces are screened to provide adequate protection from the lower lifestyles that appear to be more than a thousand times higher, especially in the summer. Moreover, there are surprisingly few overhanging roofs or eaves that provide the extra protection from sunshine and rain, which may occasionally improve the terrace experience. On the other hand, most terraces have a poor vision and ignore loud mechanical equipment that you probably do not want to spend any quality time. Those who are looking forward to sunbathing on the terrace appreciate the importance of these seemingly scathing remarks.

In addition to other factors, do not overlook the importance of raising the overall quality of life of a dwelling. Most of the residences I've visited have offered a rent for a top-floor apartment (about $ 25 a month), probably because there are no annoying noisy neighbors on the upper floor where the cigarettes dropped off the terrace. Less likely to be flooded with cloud breaks and fewer visits from critters that gardeners learn to live on unseen terraces (ants, spiders, lizards, etc.). However, the superior prospects of the higher levels and the ease of access to the light and air are excessive heat and leakage (on the top floors). The upper floor units sometimes serve the comfort of a vaulted or cathedral ceiling that can enhance the apartment and the light and the air or the feeling of spaciousness.

DOES NOT BE WITHOUT ANY OF ANY PUBLIC STAFF. In the majority of homeowners' checks, the leasing representatives have done their utmost to find the abovementioned design flaws and have tried to "sell" to me all the equipment and workplace savings that typically feature luxury flats. Many apartments have a washing machine and a tumble dryer (which is mostly installed in a kitchen cabinet or outside on the terrace next to the carpet adjacent areas). By the way, if the washer and dryer are not included in the apartment, it is better to take a look at the condo community on-site laundry facility. In many communities, dishwashers, garbage dumps, oversized bathtubs, microwave ovens, refrigerators and ice-cream makers, and one or more ceiling fans are at their disposal to increase the comfort of their homes

. After visiting apartments that meet the basic criteria, I spent some time in the communities to understand their people, their comfort and their moods and to know their comfort. Furthermore, while walking, I paid particular attention to how well the properties were maintained. Although most luxury apartments are smoking during the daytime, even the latest and best construction will require routine maintenance and repair from time to time. Walking can also gain insight into the mindset and skills of management and maintenance personnel. If common areas are well maintained (eg clean and recently painted, well-cared parking lots, well-maintained landscaping and signs of deferral maintenance), you have a better chance of using the same philosophy and vigilance to maintain your home.

The best location for maintenance checking is the pool and surrounding lounges, which are usually the most popular community area of ​​the community. Prospective tours will begin in the pool area, which is usually located near the estate's leasing and asset management center. As a community showcase, these areas are generally in a better state than other less visible areas. So, if you need renovation in the pool area, you have to wonder how the rest of the building looks like.

SWIMMING EQUIPMENT OR CEMENT NUMBER? Even though the pool area is well maintained, it does not necessarily affect the size and scope of the facilities. Before I started searching, it was unthinkable to find unpleasant swimming pools where sunbathing and swimming last year for more than 300 days. In general, the pools are small and shallow (only 5 meters deep in some cases), are not very well maintained and are surrounded by enough chairs to accommodate 5% of their residents. Most of the places I visited were whirlpools, but some were barely larger than the bathtubs, they were not particularly well maintained and probably not in use as they will work on any day of the week. Even more surprising is the fact that some of the brand-new residential communities that are visited and who are typically proud of the fact that they spend them with leisure time services do not even care to build these popular whirlpool baths into other, state-of-the-art features.

DO-IT STAFF CAMERAS. In most cases, health clubs are small, dark, unfriendly spaces, resulting from a serious lack of entertainment and external light and views on cable television. If I had to use such equipment, I know that it will be much more enjoyable to finish the workout than usual. Except for basic treadmills, stationary bicycles, and free weights, the other equipment in these facilities looks like it's borrowed from Smithsonian. Regarding other forms of recreation, some apartments have tennis courts, bicycle paths, basketball courts and children's playgrounds, but not necessarily the invitation.

DO NOT TEST TO BE SUPPORTED. After a check, I started listening to some of the comfort elements I usually understand, for example, where and how they lease tenants to send mail or to place their eyes. The tenant facilities are located in the vicinity of the apartments (ie, they are located near the apartments, protected from the elements by ventilation or other structures) to the ridiculous (ie all in the middle of the parking lot, totally unprotected from rain and sunlight and dangerously close to moving vehicles). You might not mind waiting for the rain to stop picking up your mail, but you can be sure your mailman will not wait when he sends it. If you live in such unlucky places, it is better if your email is delivered to a mailbox or you get used to getting calm.

As for garbage disposal, I have relinquished you to the fact that you can expect to have a large compaction and storage facility near my community exit, no matter how large a space can be. An obvious advantage of such an arrangement is that tenants do not have to smell or rubbish elsewhere in the community and do not have to worry about the noisy landfillers who take it off in the morning hours. However, I am still accustomed to routine to board my car every time I have to throw the trash or coordinate the rubbish transport with the daily schedule.

READ SECURITY DISTANCE BEFORE DOTTED LINE. Before I registered a community on a short list of acceptable options, I was convinced that I was completely around the periphery and noticed that it was close to public utilities, highway junctions, or other undesirable land use. During the process, I was sure I would look at the neighborhood, especially in five minutes. The most appealing community sites were the most important drawings, but most of the day's comfort, where I probably need, including supermarkets, restaurants, drug stores, banks, movies, and so on.

Communities Within 15 minutes, shopping centers, entertainment centers and other desirable landmarks were high on my short list. By contrast, some of the communities visited were long-term commercial activities and some were close to specialized facilities that I could visit monthly or yearly more than Lowe Home Improvements, Home Depot, furniture outlets, vacuum cleaners, etc.

FINAL OBSERVATIONS. I'm happy to report that I live in a community that provides a reasonable mix of the four most important features from the beginning: decent living (spacious, functional layout, with view); basic community services (a good pool and secure, convenient access to personal mailboxes and landfills); abundant neighborhood shopping opportunities; and provides good access to major motorways and regional employment centers. All in all, I'm close to the intersection of two important road artery, which means that visitors can also find most schematic maps in the region.

During my investigations some facts have become obvious truths. And you need to know that some of the above comments apply to other areas of Florida and other types of flats (for example condominiums and private homes) and luxury apartment rentals. Readers are encouraged to check the similarities and differences between geographic areas and housing estates based on their own experiences.

Some general comments are worth mentioning. Despite the extreme volatility of residential real estate markets, luxurious luxury flats in this area in South Florida are still letting $ 1 a month. This means that a 900 square meter apartment rental fee is about $ 900 per month. Not surprisingly, one-bedroom units are the highest in rent per square meter; three-bedroom units are the lowest. Some communities charge a separate charge for removing water, sewage and rubbish. Mostly the rent is paid for the views of some apartments (especially the golf course or the lake view), the upper floor apartments and pets.

The newer does not always mean better, and he is aware that he is 10 years old, if not a lifetime. Contrary to other traditional areas in the United States, old residences can not be regarded as classical, vintage or odd, but simply outdated and undesirable. However, as the term goes, "they do not build as before" and if you want spacious, proportionate, logical layouts, you have to look at old things. The best compromise is to find the old, recently refurbished and refurbished unit.

55-year-olds and communities cater to the elderly, but without such names, they do not necessarily serve the young single adult population. In my experience, the only tangible difference between the two types of lease is the existence of small children and teenagers in the latter.

Like everything else in life, compromises exist when trying to find the perfect blend of the apartment's features. In South Florida, within a price range, if you want to be close to the ocean, you will accept older, smaller accommodations. Newer properties usually offer more and better locations, such as pools, health clubs and tennis courts, but are far from regional employment centers and shops and establishments that you need to visit daily, such as grocery stores, restaurants, drug stores, banks, etc.

Finally, if you want to enjoy fresh air, sunshine and truly experience Florida's lifestyle for the past decades, you just have to go to the beach

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