Maintenance of leather shoes – How to care for leather shoes

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Care of Leather Shoes

There is not much difference between the $ 150 shoe and the $ 500 pair after a few months of use. High quality footwear is usually handmade with high quality seam and high quality leather. However, if you want quality footwear to distinguish itself from the average footwear, you have to do extra work. Otherwise, the payment fee has been paid without cause. Here are some tips to make sure that your shoes are fully able to survive.

1- Use the shoe trees! It is vital for any shoe life where you use shoe trees. Quality shoe trees can extend the life of any shoe, not just expensive. We recommend using full cedar shoes because it absorbs the moisture left behind by the sun. The size of the tree is also important in mind. If they are too small, they will not do their intended job and if they are too big, they will be pulled out.

2- Clean it. Even if you do not use any other Polish or cream, always wipe your shoes with a damp and soft towel. Notice the use of wet, non-damp words. Follow-up, let your shoes dry.

3- Shoe Polishing – More shoes, creams, polishes, oils and waxes that you can use for your shoes. However, experience, conditioner and casual wax if the shoe seems somewhat boring is more than enough. The conditioner retains the skin during cracking and drying while the wax returns the new shoe light.

4- Cobbling – Perhaps the biggest difference between high-quality, durable shoes and cheap, disposable shoes is that the latter can not be repaired. The jackets, which are best known as shoe refiners, can often replace the outer sole, the inner sole, and the leather shoes may seem novel. Almost all shoes that can be replaced with a stitched leather sole. Many Goodyear Welt rubber soles are also available. Non-sewn or Goodyear Welt shoes can not be solved. The only thing that can not be repaired in any shoe is cracked or cut leather. This means that if somehow you can cut the skin, there is a very large possibility that you will not be able to repair it.

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