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You know what they say, The clothes are doing the man. That really; they also say about that man: I'm a funny guy; There is a strange sense of humor; There is a clever / subtle sense of humor; I'm dry / sarcastic, smart / fast, friendly / hostile. You can say this and you will not open your mouth again. So how do you make such a statement? Simply with a piece of clothing: the T-shirt design; especially funny t-shirts.

Take advantage of other people's ideas to showcase your sense of humor and adjust the party's life. Take a T-shirt plan that says: Take my advice, I do not use it otherwise … this whimsical self-esteem can be very eye-catching and can be a great ice breaker with a similar person who has a similar sense of humor or can evaluate in other people.

Wives or husband jokes can be very popular; the wife's funny funny t-shirt: My wife says I'm very happy or I'm the boss of my house and my wife has permission to do so. Or are these husbands jokes: The best way for a husband to do something suggests being too old or a bachelor; a man who missed the opportunity to make a woman miserable or something like that. Women do not make fools to men – most of them are do-it-yourself type. A husband and wife may be spotted with sports tees that say love is blind; But marriage is a real eye-opener!

To go pub? Or have some beer with some of my friends? Well, here are some t-shirts that give you exactly what you feel: The reason for beer is that every afternoon I wake up! Or say that alcohol consumers will really appreciate this funny tee: beer is technically a vegetarian dish … or when you know you're having a beer, you can have a t-shirt design that predicts: Today's forecast is about 100% change in BOOZING.

Sometimes you can donate a funny shirt that boast: Get your little nephew or niece who says if you think I'm cute I need to see my aunt (or my uncle)!

Sometimes you can use the funny motif to make serious statements, such as from the ground or the environment: Just remember, if the world is not sucked, we're down. This says that the world is not perfect, but that is what nourishes and sustains us. Send an eco-friendly message with a T-shirt design that displays a more complex Earth planet with the simple label: Open it again! Or a simple picture from the ground on the tag line Save me! states that we need to be better off on planet Earth; We will not live on Marson soon, to do the land!

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