Make your own T-shirts with kids!

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It's fun and rewarding to make your own t-shirt. This goes for adults and certainly applies to children. They love. This is a simple activity for the family at weekends, at home or in the house. Kids can invite their friends and make spiders in a group on a rainy day. This is a fabulous activity for parties and sleepovers. Home made t-shirts may require awful distraction, depending on use and the age of the child, which requires little control and does not have to be horribly rendered. In this article I outline the best methods for teats tots.

Make Your T-Shirts Online:

The least practical way is to visit one of the many online businesses where you can upload a photo or artwork and print the shirts and send them in a letter. This is not a lot of craft projects, but kids can have unique t-shirts with pictures or drawings that are personal and special to them.


If you want to do a real art and craft project at home, one easy solution is iron-on transfers. This is not at all confusing, but the kids can still feel as if they have made a special garment. You can, of course, make a drawing that you have made, their creations from their favorite movies, or their creations, or lyrics, jokes or messages. The simplest way is to scan to the computer so the image can be reversed in a photo editor. This is especially important if there is text. If the image works well or returns in the same way, you do not have to worry about reversing. Some printer software gives you the option to choose the transfer paper and automatically print back the back side for you!

Fabric Markers:

Another not so messy and very simple method for textile signs. Kids can literally draw or write directly to the T-shirt. Briefly set up a hot iron and it will be fine.

Fabric dye:

Painting is another great way, but of course we are now in a messier area. With this method, children can really create an artistic feeling. They can name them with brushes, rollers, fingers, commercial stamps, homemade potatoes or anything else, spray, splash. Or if they want a polished and cleaner look, they will easily be smeared with pencils, stuffed with fine brushes, or using templates.


This leads to the following method that is stenciling. This is low-tech and inexpensive, but the cut-off time may be time-consuming. In toddlers, it is likely that the parent has to cut it as it should use a sharp knife. I suggest you take a very simple picture. If your children are older, try their plans, which are a bit more complicated and can cut out. You can purchase books or DVDs for educational photos or videos, or search for sites like Youtube or for free tutorials.


Screen printing is the most complicated and laborious, but if the kids are old enough they can really enjoy it. He's doing more research on your part and you need to buy more supplies, but that's a great thing for teenagers.


If your kids are over nine years old or you think they have patience and align sewing, they can sew and knit shirts, put on patches, fun fur, charm, or anything else you imagined felidézhet. Make something wild, dress or dress up everyday.

Have fun with any method your family chooses to create your own t-shirts and make sure you monitor any dangerous parts of the process (sewing, cutting or ironing)!

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