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Today, we are talking about a lot of masturbation on the Internet because of the pornography of the super highway of the Internet. Masturbation has been around since the beginning of man. It is not uncommon for men and women to masturbate themselves. This is not something they talk about in most circles or with friends. Whatever doctors or the media say is that a large percentage of people are masturbating. In this article we examine the fascination of male masturbation.

What is male masturbation?

There is a huge myth about masturbation. In recent years, masturbation has become a less and less sensitive topic. The full idea of ​​masturbation is too sexual, stimulating the sexual organs of the genitals to lead to an explosive sexual peak. For men, this is done with shocking and massaging punishment until the orgasm ends. Masturbation once said that it could cause harmful and serious health consequences in some communities in the world that were considered to be taboo to masturbate. But over the years, many doctors have stated that masturbation is normal, and people who do not have sexual partners or partners who do not want masturbation are a safe and healthy alternative.

Men's Masturbation Techniques

Men do not have many techniques for masturbating. Most people are happy to learn one or two techniques and stick to life. One of the most popular techniques is called fisting technique. The reason it is called fisting is because it grabs its penis and molds what looks like a fist around the shaft. It is best to use a lubricant to reduce friction and reduce burning or friction. Some men can actually do what is called a dry hump without using a lubricant until the penis leaves the front. Pre-cum is then used as a lubricant to reduce friction and reduce aggravation.

Another form of male masturbation is the stimulation of the penis head. It really feels like urinating. Stimulating the head of the criminal law, it gets the criminal law hard, if it does, then proceed with the fisting movement while stimulating the head with the other's palm. Using this technique results in a much stronger ejaculation.

In the case of male masturbation, it is best to lie on the back with the head of the penis, either pointing towards the sky or with the head of the penis that looks at you. Some men turn on the shower very well, especially when using a hand shower. By pointing the shower head and its genitals, the penis is stimulated. Stimulation is caused by the flow of warm water that massages the penis head. Some men are known to ejaculate only by spraying hot water, especially on the sensitive head of the penis. When a man masturbates while watching pornography, he usually sits in a chair in front of a computer or television.

These are the most common methods of masculine masturbation. There are many other methods that can be used or used by male stimulation. Some men like to experience the experience of a male G-Spot called prostate cancer. The prostate gland is located in the anal canal and goes into the anus. This is very common again, and many people like orgasm while enjoying the sexual enjoyment of male G-Spot stimulation.


Remember that masturbation is a natural, healthy way of sexual self-stimulation. Whatever technique you find, use it. If you use tools and household appliances, please be careful. Don't misunderstand the masturbation, and whatever you told you about being bad or unhealthy, put these myths into your mind. Masturbation does not cause cancer or heart disease and does not cause the penis to shrink and fall. This does not cause the person to blindly or lead to homosexuality.

Masturbation is the same as love or sex with a partner. Except you have sex with yourself and use self-stimulating techniques like a sex partner. Now go out and enjoy yourself and put all the other foolish nonsense out of your mind.

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