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Dresses can certainly be worn with other things, but you're right, you have to be cautious. Can you know about your husband's age and size? The last thing I want to do is recommend unsuitable clothes!

Also, did you check with a tailor that the pants can not be changed? Most dressing trousers can be made up to 1/3/4 inches or inserted if properly done, and of course the edges can be modified according to their length.

Okay, dark blue is a nice round, here's the importance of her husband's age! I suggest you use it for informal / formal look, and combine it in an intelligent denim box and an official workwear.

Matching this jacket with a pair of pants is almost impossible, but matching with jeans and casual, yet clever look is easy to accomplish. What to do to think about the accessories. Like I said, a nice Oxford shirt, pale blue or white, and a pair of elegant jeans, a black belt and black shoes, either smooth oxfords or perhaps a pair of suede shoes.

For knuckles this can be equally shaped and worn as a sportswear. The pants must be dark, smooth and smooth. I suggest dark pants trousers, brown shoes and belt. The shirt and the tie can not go too much on the white shirt, and then a tie that takes the color in the knot, so the tie and the red tie are nice.

If you are looking for a Western interpretation, you can find suits with mandarin effect, or maybe a Nehru suit that combines Indian style with indian style. I would avoid the white shirt / black tie, or it may look like you're going to funeral or you're going to have somebody's faith!

What you need for interviews is something safe but beautiful and smart as well. You can not go too far with the blue (not dark blue, rather blue) cotton T-shirt that is golden / yellow / blue. Alternatively, a lilac shirt with a purple / blue combination of neckties works well.

A general thumb rule I advise that the darker the shirt, the easier it is to tie the tie. The opposite is true, that is if you wear a very lightweight shirt, a heavier tie is good.

I'm telling you to go ahead and buy the dress. Sounds like a winner. There are always a lot of questions about whether double breasted clothing is pungent or not and I can say it can be. This is a classic look that will never go out of style – though sometimes the appearance is more "fashionable" than others. However, since this dress is classic, it looks better on men, not on young people or teenagers.

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