Men's fashion garments and more: Designing the perfect garment

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Although men's clothes tend to be less workable than women, they can not deny the fact that dressmaking is a challenge for many people. It does not matter if you're working for a job, dress, dinner or job interview, you look the best. Without your clothes, you're not laughing. You can do the job or put the subject in the water cooler. Follow this simple advice and soon everyone will ask for fashion advice.

The general rule is to first choose a suit, then a shirt, and finally a tie. You can turn around, but some are even harder. If the clothes and the ties match the rubber down, then all three have the same pattern. Nothing is worse than a striped shirt and a striped tie. The same can be said for checkered patterns. However, not all three items of the same color. Monochromatic is not a good look. Keep in mind that opposites are attracting you. Paste the samples with the embroidered and tiny patterns with large patterns.

How do I customize the colors? The goal is to harmonize all the colors, yet with good contrast. There is always a balance. Too large is the same color, boring, but the colors that clash make it look like you came to the carnival. It's just a colorful tie, a blue suit and a light blue shirt. If you wear a blue suit, a white shirt, no shiny colors, as blue and white are already in contrast. Gray, blue and black clothes always look good with red contacts. The black ties look best in white, gray, light blue, pink or red shirts. The pink is gray / silver, black, light blue and white. Remember dark shirts with light colored ties or a light button to impress shirts with dark-colored bindings.

Three of these can be terrible, but two kinds are fashionable. You can wear a striped tie with a striped designer shirt while the stripes are of the same size. The same rule applies to striped garments and striped garments. Ripped and patterned fabrics also follow the rule. The size and shape of checks should be very different in order to highlight them. The patterned shirt and tie look great together until they are the same. Similar patterns must be of a very different size. However, if the patterns are completely contradictory, the dimensions must be similar. Is it a bit confusing? Yes, but fashion is never easy.

What about the three different styles? It works, but this is not a simple task. I do not recommend this. If you have any doubts, keep it simple. The solid tie never fails and can not be a solid shirt. If you have a budget, buy mostly semi-buttoned garments and pair with a bolder pattern. A little bit of faith in you. If you think the dress looks good, it's probably good. If you feel confident, you feel confident.

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