Men's Fashion – T-shirt and knit combinations

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The combination of shirt and tie has always been a difficult dilemma for many people, especially if they often do not wear shirts or ties, or there is no sense in color matching.

Whether wearing a T-shirt and a tie in the office, for an official occasion or night, there are some important principles to keep shirts and ties. The first rule of linking shirts and ties is to keep things simple if you're always wearing a darker t-shirt that is darker than the t-shirt, avoid too many shiny or loud colors and crazy patterns that are too messy or too busy to remove the attention from the rest of your clothes.

We wear a tie that is of the same color but with a darker shade than the shirt is light for beginners, but it's fine to try it if you are confident, patterned, checked or striped ties are great, but if you choose this option you always ensure that a plain shirt or wearing a patterned t-shirt, choose a smooth tie.

When choosing your clothing, be careful to keep things proportionate, keep the tie width in proportion to the collar-sized lapels, wrap the wide bails with a wide neckline, wear thin shoulder straps, wear a narrow or thin tie, wrap the wider collar Windsor is a knot and it's a great place.

It is possible to mix colors with mutually opposing or praiseworthy colors without causing too many difficulties, but you may need to be more careful if you decide to mix patterns, usually trying to stick to the rule that a plain T-shirt and patterned ties with vies and pants, so it will be pretty secure with your combinations. It is possible to mix the patterns, but this is not a weak heart, it may contain a striped shirt with a plaid tie or similar choice, the golden rule is to ensure that the patterns are not too similar in size.

If you choose to choose the same pattern, such as a striped shirt, with a striped tie to secure the strips in the opposite direction, for example, try vertical striped shirt with a horizontal striped tie, ensuring that the width of the stripes is not similar, then all you have to think about To Coordinate Color

With some thoughts and considerations, you will be able to create a stylish look based on a few simple combinations that compliment each suit.

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